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Search results

  1. Emberguard

    Journal Response - Dear Harry

    They don’t. They require goods. If you are being asked for diamonds then you don’t have resources
  2. Emberguard

    Spoiler Antiques Update Spoiler

    Turns out the mobile on Beta already has a confirmation button :lol: not sure if that’s always been there or added later
  3. Emberguard

    Closed Week 96: 2019-03-04

    "Roll up, roll up, get your Florins here!" "Tickets, get your Tickets... which game will you play?" Yes folks, the Carnival comes to town again this week, and we are offering you the chance to win your choice of either 1000 Florins or 100 Tickets (if the event ends before prizes can be handed...
  4. Emberguard

    Player Challenge City [Jaims World - Emberguard]

    No idea how long this'll keep my interest, but I've started a new world with which I'll use the following self imposed rules and see how far it'll grow over a year. : No deleting of anything. Once it's placed, it's there for life. Unless a quest requires it No Plundering No Diamond Usage No...
  5. Emberguard

    Bewildered Zeratul (Reponse Thread)

    Response thread for Bewildered Zeratul's Journal Makes me wonder, how many farms could one fit in your city.....
  6. Emberguard

    Confirmed: Winter Spire - Girls sink in and out of building

    The animation for the spire has the two girls overlap with the building. When they move they disappear and reappear Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 HTML5 Windows 8 Version 1.141.5b3f95f3af1 (12.12.2018 12:55)
  7. Emberguard

    Closed Week #86 2018-12-24 (More Stars, Stars, Stars...)

    Hey everyone :D Once again the times will be split to increase the number of people who can win. There are 5 chosen times for the week, distributed randomly but fairly evenly throughout the day You can win multiple times per day/week There will be a pot of 900 stars distributed between all...
  8. Emberguard

    Player Emberguards Wintery Adventure

    Time for the 2018 Winter Event! People from time to time ask for the full story of an event - so I thought, why not document each quest as I complete it? That way if someone wants to read the winter storyline it's all there..... if they can find it :P Click on an image to enlarge City...
  9. Emberguard

    Closed Week #71 2018-09-16

    New thread up guys. Winners from last week can be found [here] This week, you can win... 100 fall ingredients of your choice! To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is post in this thread. Any player who posts within 2 minutes either side of this week's randomly chosen prize...
  10. Emberguard

    Closed Week #70 2018-09-03

    New thread time. Thankyou ladies and gents for your wonderful participation on last weeks thread. Winners from last week can be found [here] This week, you can win... Choice between a medal package corresponding to your age [OR] one premium building building upto and including your age *red...
  11. Emberguard

    Forwarded: Merchant Trading

    Proposal: Allow the player to input a custom value into the merchant trades for how much they're trading. (Eg, if you have 3 to 1 activated, input a value of 100 goods offered by the merchant, and the cost value would automatically correct itself to 300 allowing you to then trade 100/300...
  12. Emberguard

    Guild Joining [Mobile VS Desktop]

    When I'm on desktop I can view all the different guilds and apply to any guild I want to. But on mobile mode the only guilds available to join are new guilds with barely any progress. Reason being you can't click on any players or guilds when viewing ranking if you're on mobile despite still...
  13. Emberguard

    Friends list, numbering error

    On mobile mode the game has stopped giving anyone the #1 friend position. Took the screenshots while having my finger sliding the list across so you can see there's nothing there. Otherwise that gap wouldn't be there
  14. Emberguard

    Aid All / Visit All Buttons

    Proposal: In addition to the current aiding and tavern visit options, some buttons to visit and aid everyone available in that specific list in a single click. Reason: With a neighbourhood of 70~, many guilds having between 30-60 players and then anything upto another 140 in the friends list...