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  1. hawknz

    Event Hub Feedback

    Please place your feedback below, the full details can be found here
  2. hawknz

    The Event Hub

    Dear Kings and Queens, Ever wanted one place to keep track of all your progress in different Events in Forge? As well as win additional prizes for completing quests within an Event? Well you are in luck! Starting on June 2nd, we will be introducing the Event Hub into Forge of Empires! The...
  3. hawknz

    Soccer Cup 2021

    Dear Kings and Queens, The Soccer Cup is back for 2021, and Coach Miller needs your help to lead her team to victory! Starting from June 3rd, the tournament will begin. Does your team have what it takes? Do your best, and win some awesome prizes along the way! - Base Mechanics - On the...
  4. hawknz

    Soccer Cup 2021 - Feedback

    Please post feedback in relation to the Soccer Cup 2021 below, click here to see the full announcement
  5. hawknz

    Closed April Forum Contest - Word Find

    Hi Everyone, Can you find the FOE related words in the below word find? Hidden in the puzzle are the names of 5 Great Buildings available in the game, can you find all 5? Rules: - The words can go in any direction - The words can share letters as they cross over each other - Only 1 entry...
  6. hawknz

    Update 1.201

    Hello Queens and Kings, The update to 1.201 will take place on Monday, March 29th 2021. There will be a short period of downtime during the update, we apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time. For the detailed description of the changes, please see the list below: Bugfixes We...
  7. hawknz

    Update 1.201 Feedback

    Please post any feedback on the latest update below, to see the full details click here
  8. hawknz

    Event Spring Event 2021 Feedback

    Please leave your feedback below. See here for the full details of the event
  9. hawknz

    Event Spring Event 2021

    Dear King's and Queens, During this time of year, as the ice thaws and the days grow longer, we look forward to the beginning of Spring! Of course, each culture has their own traditions, but amongst our citizens (the passage into spring) is marked by the Cherry Blossom Festival! It is said...
  10. hawknz

    Guild Forum Removal

    Dear Kings and Queens, In October last year, following improvements to the Message Center, we decided it was time to remove the Guild Forum. However, based on your feedback, we decided to take a step back and postpone. We did this in recognition of the reaction, as well as acknowledgement...
  11. hawknz

    Guild Forum Removal Feedback

    Please enter your feedback below in relation to the announcement, click here to see the full details. Thankyou.
  12. hawknz

    Addition to the Forum Moderation Team

    Hi Everyone, I am pleased to announce that @DarkUros222 is joining our Forum Moderation Team. I am sure you will all welcome him to the role and this will add to the assistance provided by @Knight of ICE Thankyou!
  13. hawknz

    Update Galata Tower Changes

    Dear Kings & Queens, Last year we brought the Galata Tower to Forge of Empires, a new Great Building that makes it easier to protect yourself against external threats that often plunder your cities. This Great building has a passive boost that provides you with a certain chance to repel a...
  14. hawknz

    Galata Tower Changes Feedback

    Please leave your feedback here in relation to the announced changes to the Galata Tower. Click here for the full announcement. Thankyou!