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Search results

  1. mrbeef

    Disconnected GBs and passive bonus

    Do disconnected GBs still give passive bonus?
  2. mrbeef

    Today's update

    Utter shambles. The game needs refreshing every few minutes as click actions (collecting, entering GBs, etc) results in nothing happening. For example, collect some coins and the collect symbol disappears but no collection is credited, collect supplies and the same but no ability to set new...
  3. mrbeef

    Duplicate: [33294] Color Guard and Drummer

    Having a combination of Color Guard and Drummer in the defending army negates existing attack % from Deal and Basil.... This crappy new forum software won't allow me to upload a picture hence there is none
  4. mrbeef

    Fixed: Position is showing wrongly

    My position (ranking) in the guild is actually #1 but the number showing next to my avatar is in fact #20 which is my global position (ranking)....
  5. mrbeef

    Stilt House

    When did the design of the Stilt House change? In fact the Hut, Thatched House and Chalet have also changed too (although only slightly different colouration on the Chalet and Thatched).... Old design Stilt House... New design Stilt House...
  6. mrbeef

    Today's update

    It appears that today's update has rendered players' avatars on my social bar in a perpetual state of loading.
  7. mrbeef

    Fixed: [30735] First Rail Gun not ignoring Flying

    World: Browser and Version: Overview of the bug: Rail Gun not being able to target units with the Flying defensive ability Screenshots: How often this occurs: All PvP battles in which there are units with the Flying defensive ability Urgency: Preventative Actions: Summary: When using...
  8. mrbeef

    Neighbourhood Cup

    For any who have N'hood Cups, I just used a renovation kit on one of mine. From 289 happiness as a PME dec it has now gone up to 488 happiness in The Future - which is not too unreasonable methinks :)
  9. mrbeef

    Fixed: Rail Gun not ignoring Reactive Armour

    World: Browser and Version: Overview of the bug: The Reactive Armour defensive ability is not being ignored by Rail Guns in PvP battles Screenshots: How often this occurs: Every battle Urgency: Preventative Actions: Summary: I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select...
  10. mrbeef

    Fixed: Can't attack n'hood

    World: Browser and Version: Overview of the bug: Since the update it is not possible to attack players in the n'hood Screenshots: How often this occurs: Always Urgency: What do you think? Preventative Actions: Summary: I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select few...
  11. mrbeef

    Entering a new age

    I just entered Progressive Era on one of my worlds, and as soon I had completed the first research a congratulations screen popped up. There was a golden chest to click and when it opened I received coins, supplies, 10 FP, and 600 medals. After that another screen popped up showing what techs...
  12. mrbeef

    Victory Expansions

    Can anyone remember how many medals were required for the two victory expansions that were made available with TE?
  13. mrbeef

    Limerick competiton

    I may have missed it, but I look at the forum sections often...but who actually won?
  14. mrbeef

    Forwarded: Construction level of GBs with boosts has wrong collection number

    World: Browser and Version: Overview of the bug: Rewards not shown correctly Screenshots: How often this occurs: Urgency: Preventative Actions: Summary: I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported...
  15. mrbeef


    Why does 1000M coins display as 1G and not 1B?
  16. mrbeef


    Can anyone tell me which quest gives 2 Musketeers as a reward?
  17. mrbeef

    Closed thread

    I see Inno are taking the path of least resistance yet again. The foedb site is not yet approved and it remains questionable as the whether it is in breech of any rules regarding automated data collection - so what do Inno staff do? Simply ignore the issue and close the thread!
  18. mrbeef

    Voting for limerick

    I have had three people message me throughout the day to say that they have been unable to vote for me due to the 'poll being full'. Why is this? I have yet to hear from a moderator even though I have asked twice already.
  19. mrbeef

    Controlling defence army

    I've just been told by a guild-mate that they were given the option to control their army. They chose yes and manually controlled their own defence. Has anyone else encountered this? I noticed that units have an orange hex when it is their turn to move/attack
  20. mrbeef

    Building pack

    Can a mod please confirm how many times per age (per city) the building pack can be purchased?