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Search results

  1. rick of shaw

    Archeology Event 2020.

    A bit of googling now will save having to ask stupid questions later. That is all.
  2. rick of shaw

    Promethium. Where is it?

    So I just cleared a section in the Arctic map and got some of this stuff yet it is nowhere to be found in my inventory? Whats up with that?
  3. rick of shaw

    Dead bodies.

    Wouldn't it be way cool to have dead bodies littering the area around a city that has just been beaten? This awesome insight had been brought to you by J D Wetherspoons. That is all.
  4. rick of shaw

    City editor is a mess.

    So I rearranged some stuff in my city the other day. Had a couple expansions so I put in another cherry garden. So the city functions the way it should however when I went to move some stuff around today the editor does not show my changes and several items are in the side bar and not placed...
  5. rick of shaw

    FOE assist web site.

    Anyone know why its down or if it will be up again?
  6. rick of shaw

    Event moaning thread.

    All moaning here!
  7. rick of shaw

    The Kraken.

    Anyone know whats that thing its pulling on?
  8. rick of shaw

    I A fighting.

    If you could only use 1 I A unit what would it be and why?
  9. rick of shaw

    Player (Response Thread) Challenge City

    Response thread to Journal: [Link] Ever thought about perhaps gettin a puppy?
  10. rick of shaw

    Plunder! Plunder! PLUNDER!!!!!!!!!

    A thread for all things Plunder.
  11. rick of shaw


    Anyone else getten em yet? I got 20 medals for running one while I was havin h fag. Kinda cheesy these things IMHO. That said, if I can run one of these while I go grab a brewski from the fridge and perhaps get the odd FP pack then it aint all that bad. Still cheesy though.
  12. rick of shaw

    And next up it's Cleopatra!

    http://forgeofempires.wikia.com/wiki/Cleopatra_Historical_Questline I will do this one as long as I don't have to clear a province or do the tech tree. The prize is not much more than a watered down SoK but an extra FP is still an extra FP.
  13. rick of shaw

    Fall event.

    I saw somewhere that it was to begin on the 4th Sept. but there was a ? next to the 4. Anyone got the goods on a start date?
  14. rick of shaw

    How long do you keep old goods buildings.

    I am in the LMA and got rid of my bronze and iron age goods buildings as I saw no use for them and needed space to startGB,s. Will I need any goods from these ages as I further progress?