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Search results

  1. Quest Abort Limit

    This thread is just to get people to comment on the Update 1.201 thread so that the Developers see how annoyed we are. The other purpose is for us to list every feature we hate about the limit.
  2. Announcement: New Legend!

    @Emberguard has now posted 8 more posts then is required for the rank legend. Time to celebrate!
  3. Looking for Arc goods

    Is anybody selling Arc goods for 300 FPs or less? I am planning to build the Arc and I cleared out the space in my city and obtained every blueprint for it.
  4. Weird moments

    What are some of the really weird things that have happened to you while playing FoE? The two weirdest ones I've had are: A princess's gratitude appearing randomly in my quests at the start of the LMA bonus questline till I refreshed the page; and @Emberguard appearing in my neighbourhood.
  5. Investigating: Negative population

    World: Korch. Browser and Version: Microsoft edge, not entirely sure of the version. Overview of the bug: When attempting to build two of a building very close to each other in time and you only have enough population to build one, the game builds two, causing you to have negative population...
  6. Less complaints on the forum

    Proposal: Make it easier to find people who complain about plundering on the forums. Have you checked the ideas section for the same idea? Yes, nobody has posted this. Reason: Instead of having to search through the forums to see if someone has complained about plundering and then checking if...
  7. Plunder progress

    This is a clone of the US thread plunder progress, where you discuss your hate mail/love letters and what you recently plundered. Just post all your plundering stuff here. Recently I plundered a hippodrome sphendone for 21 dried herbs, and 9 FP. So far I have only gotten one message about my...
  8. Not a Bug: Lag from tournaments

    World: Korch. Browser and Version: Microsoft Edge. I don't know what the browser version is, so I can't list it. Overview of the bug: Upon clicking the button to use a ticket, the game freezes for a while and refreshing the page causes you to lose the ticket. Screenshots: How often this occurs...
  9. A low level guild, Strength and Power is recruiting

    This guild is a small guild, so it is only level 13 (almost 14!) and with only 2 members. However, anyone is allowed to join, as long as they are in early middle ages or higher, and if in colonial age or higher they have to pay the cost of opening difficulty level II in GE every week. The guild...

    Bullying must be stopped! How DARE evil, villainous players plunder 48 hour productions that have been left for 64 hours! These 240 million point players villainously, monsterously plunder progressive era players with 100 thousand! This is a monstrous atrocity! How could it be possible that...