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Search results

  1. Cuthwolf

    Plundering – The Roll of Honour

    Plundering – The Roll of Honour But we in it shall be rememberèd— We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; (Henry V) Do not hang your heads in shame my brothers and sisters, rather hold them high with pride for you are in that happy band of FoE plunderers. Let us share in our triumphs...
  2. Cuthwolf

    Complete city rebuild - how do you do it?

    Once this event is finished I will be doing a full rebuild. The last time I did this I used the reconstruction tool and it was long and tedious day. Can you recommend an online tool or give me some tips please?
  3. Cuthwolf

    GE fights are harder

    It is my perception that GE fights are harder this week; guildmates have reported the same thing. Did we miss an announcement? Are others finding this too?
  4. Cuthwolf

    A Princely Gift

    I believe the screen that comes up when there is a diamond offer on is called A Princely Gift. How often does this come around? I want to buy some diamonds for VF but don't want to pay full rate.
  5. Cuthwolf

    Fair FP cost for Kraken goods

    I have been showered with requests for goods to build the Kraken. It is a long time since I did goods for FP deals: back then the consensus of the wise owls on this forum advised that 350 FP for a set of Alcatraz was a fair rate. I would appreciate your views on what would be a fair rate for a...
  6. Cuthwolf

    Highest Tower points total you have seen

    I have done more fighting than usual this week and will get my highest every total in the Oceanic Future Tower points rankings. Although big for me and Mount Killmore I know there are some super prolific fighters in other worlds. I imagine the big beasts get 100s of millions - what is the...
  7. Cuthwolf

    Game freezes in Google Chrome

    If I am playing the game in Chrome and open another tab, when I go back to the FoE tab the game is frozen and I cannot do anything other that close that tab. Does anyone else get this? Is there a fix? It only started today.
  8. Cuthwolf

    GvG - where can you land?

    I awoke this morning to learn that overnight my guild had lost three sectors on the CE map. On checking the map I saw that they were lost to the same guild who were new to that map. What surprised me was that the conquered sectors were not connected. Can someone please explain how this is...
  9. Cuthwolf

    Can Inno punish me for this?

    In Mount Kilmore I accepted a friend request from an Iron Age player (I am in the Modern Era) and shortly afterwards a message saying “If I put 500+ FPs on your Alcatraz will you give me the PE goods to build it?” I replied “Sure” as this was a higher rate than I usually get. The player...
  10. Cuthwolf

    Hammer of the Gods is recruiting

    Hammer of the Gods is recruiting. We have been the top guild in Mount Killmore for 102/107 days. We operate a fair trade policy, support each other’s Great Buildings and there is an extra Forge Point from the town hall every day. There is a lively social side to the guild with many...
  11. Cuthwolf

    Predicting goods deposits

    Is it possible to predict which goods deposits you will get from what has gone before? I am further ahead on the tech tree than the map. I am re-designing my city after leveling up and want to leave space for goods buildings. The deposits so far are - Bronze - Dye & Stone Iron -...
  12. Cuthwolf

    GvG and PvP battle points

    It appears to me that more points are awarded in a GvG battle than a PvP with the same units and damage. Is this right and is there a ratio?
  13. Cuthwolf

    The Fyrd is recruiting

    The Fyrd is recruiting on Cirgard. We are a Level 10 guild which means that you would get an extra forge point every day. There are over 70 members, most of whom aid everyone in the guild every day. There is a thriving goods trading market at fair rates. Trades within the guild do not...
  14. Cuthwolf

    GvG question - more than 8 battles at once?

    I was told something about GvG yesterday and wanted to check whether it was true. I was told that it was a wasted effort to have more than 8 guild members attacking at the same time, that the 9th battle to start would just duplicate one of the first 8 and that if both won then only one...
  15. Cuthwolf

    Hood Merge

    Cirgard Global Chat is alive with the news that high-level hoods have been given 10-15 Stone/Bronze Age players on a few hundred points. Anybody know what's happening?
  16. Cuthwolf

    Cirgard guild is recruiting

    The Fyrd is recruiting. We are a Level 5 guild with 66 members from the Progressive Era to Bronze Age. Most members are daily polivators and there is lots of trading at fair rates. We are not playing GvG yet but the treasury is building for when we are ready for this.
  17. Cuthwolf

    Want to join my guild? The Fyrd

    I am recruiting for The Fyrd. I will motivate/polish you every day on the building of your choice and ask the other guild members to do the same. We have plentiful stocks of every supply up to the Early Middle Ages and a few for the High Middle Ages - anything you want can be traded for a fair...
  18. Cuthwolf

    Can you please advise me on recruiting guild members?

    I am a new player and am at the end of the EMA in Cirgard, 3rd in my ‘hood on 20,674. The first guild I joined wasn’t going anywhere (just four members and very few trades) so I left and started one of my own. I have invited everyone in my ‘hood and on my friends list who isn’t in a guild and...