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Search results

  1. DarkUros222

    Spoiler Upcoming significant nerf ro Recurring Quests

    With the latest Beta update, players have noticed additional delay when aborting Recurring Quests (approx. +1.5 seconds per one). It was at first considered as a bug by players, but then we had an official word from FoE personnel that delay was added to, I quote, "prevent exploiting of the...
  2. DarkUros222

    Investigating: Getting out of coin and supply rush item bug

    World: Langendorn Browser and Version: Android game, v1.198.16 Overview of the bug: As supply rush items can now be used consecutively,running out of them while your productions timers still haven't been completed with used items will cause that popup with supply rush usage prompt be displayed...
  3. DarkUros222

    Clicking on player avatar and...nothing happens

    World: Langendorn Browser and Version: Mobile app v1.192.21. Overview of the bug: When I click on player's avatar through messages center in order to visit them, contribute to their GBs etc. literally nothing happens, so I cannot pay a visit to player through messages tab nor contribute to his...
  4. DarkUros222

    Setting up diamond farms

    Okay, I have decided to begin with diamonds farming project by making diamond farms on couple of worlds. Now, before I start with it, I would like to ask a couple of questions: 1. Should I focus on full WWs farm or GE oriented farm? 2. How much time would I need on average before my farm reaches...
  5. DarkUros222

    Player Response thread for reworked journal of DarkUros222

    You can leave feedback to my journal (found on this link) here.
  6. DarkUros222

    Player Reworked journal of DarkUros222

    Hello everyone and welcome to my reworked journal (old one bites the dust because old account got deleted). Just in case you want to access my old journal, feel free to visit this link. Click on the spoiler for the info you wish to see:
  7. DarkUros222

    Restoration of deleted forum account

    Hi guys, I was member on this forum for quite a while and, due to my inactivity for some time, my account got deleted. Bow, my question is, is there any possibility to get a deleted account back? The name for the account now stands: DeletedUser112892 P.S. I made new account with the same...