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Search results

  1. New Selections Kits on AD

    Was there any recent annoucement about new Kits on the AD? I thought generally it was announced when new selection kits were being made available. So far today have seen Sentinel Outpost Selection Kit (D world) and Hippodrome Sphendome Selection Kit (B world). Any idea what else could now be...
  2. 2000 abort limit please fix

    Funny when people create extra accounts just so they can keep spamming their complaints.
  3. Quests - donating goods to Guild Treasury

    Has something changed as to which goods can be donated? It used to be that the Goods from GB's did not give credit for Daily Quests that asked for donated goods to the Guild Treasury. I thought I saw something odd the other day, but today I see for certain that my GB's are giving me credit...
  4. Pedestrians on City Streets

    Other than the 3 recent Event buildings from Halloween 2020 - do any other buildings generate special pedestrians on our walkways or roads? In particular, curious about a horseback rider mounted on a white horse that is on my single width roads. Is it just a generic character, or is there a...
  5. Allowing Diamond Farms into guilds - Y/N

    Just a bit of a general question, as I do not believe I have seen this discussed recently at all - but what is the general opinion of people who have players that want to have their diamond farms become part of your guild. In particular, my guild recently had a player join, but is not interested...
  6. Today's INNO offer

    I see a new offer from INNO today, and just want to confirm that I am reading it correctly. I have a 1 time opportunity to purchase 1000 diamonds for 500 diamonds. Is that correct? I barely have 500 diamonds available right now, as I spent what I had on expansion spaces, so do not want to...
  7. Wanting to buy ARC goods

    Good day, As the title implies, I am looking at acquiring a full set of goods so that I can build the ARC. Please send me an in-game message if you are willing to sell. I am currently in the Postmodern Era, so hopefully we might be in the same neighborhood now (or in the next hood change)...
  8. Timeless Dojo - upgrading

    I tried to do a search first, but could not find my answer (though quite possible I was not searching the correct variables) Anyhow - If I have a Level 5 Timeless Dojo and I want to level it up in a new Era - is it ONLY possible to do so with a One Up Kit or Renovation, or could I possibly get...