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  1. Lady Marlena

    Update Update to 1.209 Feedback

    some player may notice changes to the way the view is on mobile today for icons etc. This is a trial that we're very interested in gathering feedback for and we would ask for that feedback to go here and not in this thread, thank you so much!
  2. Lady Marlena

    Feedback on Mobile Hud changes

    Please use this thread for feedback about the changes to the mobile hud views that some will see today! Thank you!
  3. Lady Marlena

    Wildlife Event 2021

    The Wildlife Event is coming soon!
  4. Lady Marlena

    Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback

    Check out the details of our newest event, arriving on July 13th! Read all about it here and leave your feedback below!
  5. Lady Marlena

    Wildlife Event 2021

    Dear Kings and Queens, Summer is the time for adventure, and what is a better adventure than a Wildlife Park! Trek through plains and forests. See the beauty of animals thriving in their natural habitat. While the journey will be rewarding in many senses, keen-eyed adventurers may discover a...
  6. Lady Marlena

    Soccer Cup 2021

    Hello Kings and Queens, Since the launch of the Soccer Event, we have discovered that the Athlon Abbey went live with the wrong balancing. As of the 7th of June, we have moved forward with a fix to improve the building and correct this balancing issue. In terms of the balancing changes made...
  7. Lady Marlena

    Update to 1.204 - Feedback

    The update to 1.204 will arrive on Monday, May 10th. Read all about it here and leave your feedback below.
  8. Lady Marlena

    Update to 1.204

    Hello Queens and Kings, The update to 1.204 will take place on Monday, May 10th. There will be a short period of downtime during the update, we apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time. For the detailed description of the changes, please see the list below: Bugfixes Within the...
  9. Lady Marlena

    Are there gay or gay-friendly guilds?

    InnoGames welcomes all races, religions and personal choices. The question the player is asking, in and of itself, is no different than asking if there is an all Greek guild, or a guild where players speak Italian to each other in guild chat. This is not the place to debate your personal...
  10. Lady Marlena

    Cultural Settlements Update - The Mughal Empire has been selected!

    get a sneak peek at our next Cultural Settlement!
  11. Lady Marlena

    Cultural Settlements Update - Feedback

    Today we are providing a sneak peak of our next Cultural Settlement, The Mughal Empire ! Read all about it here, and leave your feedback below.
  12. Lady Marlena

    Cultural Settlements Update - The Mughal Empire has been selected!

    Dear Kings and Queens, In January 2021, we created a post asking you which culture you wanted to see represented as the next Cultural Settlement, and why. From the comments on the post, we had many fantastic suggestions provided, with very detailed reasons given regarding their preferred...
  13. Lady Marlena

    Non existent Shard in Settlement

    This is a known issue particularly on the app. The icon displays as if there is one but there is not. This is currently being worked on , thank you!
  14. Lady Marlena

    Space Age Venus

    Read all about our next era above!
  15. Lady Marlena

    Forge's 9th Birthday

    Dear Kings and Queens, On the 17th of April 2021, we will celebrate our ninth birthday, and we cannot believe that we are already one year shy of a decade! While the time has gone faster than we realized, and Forge itself has gone through many changes, one thing has remained a...
  16. Lady Marlena

    Space Age Venus - Feedback

    On April 15th, we release the long awaited next era. Read all about it here and leave your feedback below!
  17. Lady Marlena

    Space Age Venus

    The mysterious shard is one of the six rewards you can get from a rare shard. If you get a mysterious shard in the Vikings or Japanese settlement, you will receive 300 random goods of your age. If you get the mysterious shard in the Egyptians or Aztecs settlement, you will receive 150 forge...
  18. Lady Marlena

    Space Age Venus

    Dear Kings and Queens, We are proud to present a brand-new Age — Space Age Venus (SAV). The Space Age Venus starts on April 15th, 2021 After exploring the Asteroid Belt, mankind was able to obtain the resources necessary to survive and create more spaceships. However, we now have a...
  19. Lady Marlena

    Changes to the Community Management Team

    Kings and Queens, We have a change to our Community Management Team. Aelin Wildfire has stepped down from her position as Co Community Manager, and Naranique has moved into the CCM post. Naranique has been with the EN team for some time as one of our senior moderators and we welcome her to...
  20. Lady Marlena

    Community Ideas for Sprint (Version 1.209)

    We're looking for ideas for our next Sprint! Read all about it here and post your ideas below. Please be sure to read the guidelines first on posting and liking ideas!