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Search results

  1. Antiques Dealer Bonuses to be bid on or Bought

    Also wondering when new bonuses like House of Horrors Upgrade will be offered in Antiques Dealer. Level 1 has been offered for a while so when are the Upgrades coming.
  2. Statue of Honour Levels in GBG

    Wondering if any new levels or additional bonuses for existing levels are going to be forthcoming. The levels we have now have been around for a long time with nothing added to the levels. Rumours have been circulating. Just wondering...
  3. Blue Galaxy collections

    How do you know when you get the extra collection from Blue Galaxy. Guess it's not like Kraken or Himiji that registers on left side of screen when active. Just put it up and gathered rewards from Nest and Assylum and nothing showed. Does anything tell you that it worked???
  4. Trading FPs for Goods for Great Buildings

    How many Goods are normally given in return for a FP to be placed in a GB. What is the going rate of goods to FPs.
  5. Usage of 'Store Building'

    Tried using the new 'store building' I just acquired on the special building Ziggurat and also the Rogue Hideout but it won't work. It does show other special buildings that it will work on it such as Champion's Retreat so why not Rogue Hideout and Ziggurat.