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  1. Galladhorn

    PvP Wave Battles

    Was just pondering if it would make any sense to make PvP 2 Wave battles. – It would maybe be more interesting setting up a good double defence and at the same time perhaps gain more win points for the attacker taking 2 Wave City defences. And double battles are already part of GE, GbG, Dayli...
  2. Galladhorn

    Whats up witht he Truce Tower?

    Seems like it will stay in construction mode? I can not really figure out what the play is here – If we are getting a new desing to an existing GB then why on earth do we need to see a long construction mode (self answere: perhaps becasue it is the way the basic GB works :hide: ) - but I guess...
  3. Galladhorn

    Inconsistant AID counting (Desktop)

    Perhaps this is related to Internet connection, Browser or a system issue idk. But twice today during the side Questlines for the Archaelogical Event I had to Motivate/Polish 10 Players. That is fairly easy to see, with the players lined up at 5 for each section on desktop version - and the same...
  4. Galladhorn

    Forwarded: Army Management Lock Function

    Proposal Add a lock function to the Army Era/Age Selection Drop Down. I checked to see if I could find exactly this idea, I could not – but it might be around idk. Reason Many battles happens within the same Age/Era or the era that the players currently is in – The lock provides a handy way by...
  5. Galladhorn

    GbG Season Count

    Hi, does anybody have a Season count TY. I can´t keep track. :blush:
  6. Galladhorn

    Medals in Guild Treasury?

    Hi, I just noticed that Medals can be added to the Guild treasury, but what do they do/add for the guild?
  7. Galladhorn

    Duplicate: Wrong Wording in GBs producing Goods vs SAM (Not a Bug)

    I just came to realize that the wording in e.g my RAH essentially is wrong for my city being in Mars Era. "Good production: Produces XX numbers of unrefined goods at the current level. They are needed to produce current goods. Att he next level...." That is not correct for a player in SAM. No...
  8. Galladhorn

    Not a Bug: Can not collect "Crowns" when not in guild (Not a bug)

    Hi, Today I came across a little obstacle where I could not collect a production se to Crowns. I set the building up to solve a 4 Hour Dayli Production Quest and for this building it was "Crowns" – meanwhile I decided to quit the guild I was in. Coming back to collect I got the message: [...
  9. Galladhorn

    Forwarded: Tab Filtering Options on GB Event Window

    Proposal: In the already existing Event window of Great Buildings, make the different Categories Active to work as a Filtering options. I checked if that has been proposed but could not find anything similar, it might exist. Reason: Over the last years the importance of the GB play has become...
  10. Galladhorn

    Forwarded: [NOT BUG] Continent Icon Activity Falshing after visit (Mars Era)

    Mars Age When visting the Continent map in Mars Era (collecting Ore or doing other map activities), then retruning to the City or to the Colony, the Continent map Map Button is still flashing as if there is still activities to do. Does not appear to be bug, just a correlation issue between the...
  11. Galladhorn

    Forwarded: Dayli Quests Mobile App / Show Quests first... -

    Proposal: In the Dayli Questline on Mobile App - show the Actual Quests as first window/tap and make the Story the Secondary Window/tap. Same priority as on Desktop. Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously...
  12. Galladhorn

    A minor Graphic Error

    Hi, This is just a minor grpahic error or inconsistency – does not affect the gameplay. But it seasm after the bowl event the Happiness smiley was left with a rather dark baggrund. Differs from Greifental vs Arvahall servers. Browser: Firefox 65.0 (64-bit) Griefenthal Arvahall
  13. Galladhorn

    Fixed: Oceanic Terminal / Subemarine Health not showing

    Hi, – Over the last two days I have noticed that the Oceanic Terminal Submarine Health bar is not showing anything. Even when selecting crew members or being at nearly 100% Health going forth and beack between the two windows no visual indication on the Health bar. Arvahall on Mac OS X 10.11.6...
  14. Galladhorn

    Different Event Filtering options in Events History (servers)

    Hi, I am just wondering why I on the Arvahall Server has filtering options that I do not have on Greifental Server ??. For the Note I am in VF on Arvahall and in Iron Age on Grifental. On Arvahall On Griefental
  15. Galladhorn

    Forwarded: ( Battle) [UI] Adding 2 more Army selection Tabs...

    Add two more Army Selection Tabs A) This idea or addition is for the Army Window, adding two more Army Selction tabs, that can be set up with at the players choice. No Age Filtering Option [ Dropdown menu ] B) Also in this Post are the suggestion to add a No Ages filtering option to the Ages...
  16. Galladhorn

    Many ideas proposed without format

    Lately it seams like a lot of ideas are proposed without using the Idea Format Offered and requested. An Idea can be great, good or the opposite, that is just fine. I proposed several ideas that never made it and frankly that is how it is with ideas. But at least applying the requested format...
  17. Galladhorn

    [UI] Two Way Sequential Skip Function (Dayli Quests)

    Proposal: To change the [ Abort ] option in the Dayli Questline to a; [ < Skip to Previous ] and [ Skip to Next > ] functionality. (Or similar Quest choise by the player) Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been...
  18. Galladhorn

    Guild members vs GE stats

    Hi, I have tried to find a calculation/explanation but could not. Question: Does the number of guild members affect how the weekly GE competitions points are calculated? – Let´s say a guild has a lot of inactive members or members not pariticipating in the GE, does that affect the...
  19. Galladhorn

    Victory Expansions Max ?

    Hi, Can it be that I reached maximum Victory expansions – After the last expansion at 570K (or 580k) no more exapnsions are showing – only the Diamond Expansion option (since the expansion I have gathered around +60K medals). I recall that once this number had to reach a certain number before...
  20. Galladhorn

    Concept for the next FoE Era´s.

    NB: This is both a conceptual idea poposal as well as lead for a discussion on where the FoE could develop in coming Era´s. The FoE Historic Concept Last year in 2017 there was a Survey from the FoE Team - Amongst this Survey was an explanation saying that FoE always had aimed to be a game...