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Search results

  1. Mazula

    FoE nit installing

    I just got a new phone and tried installing forge again and after the loading part is done and it goes to install i get a message saying my internet may be slow and sends an error. So I went back to my old phone after formating it and I get the same issue. Also I tried a different connection...
  2. Mazula

    The Cobras looking for new members.

    Looking for a medium sized guild with proper threads and helpful players? Join the cobras
  3. Mazula

    World's fair event???

    Is there any way of finding out if I will ever have a chance at getting more upgrades to my world fair event building? If not then I could delete it and use the room for better things
  4. Mazula

    Trading my goods down.

    I have goods from the higher ages looking for help fair trading down so if your interested in trading your goods up ages as a backup or just to use them to go through the map whatever the reason may be. Give me a shout please. I need help getting my age goods back up
  5. Mazula

    Capturing full city photo

    I sure wish we could take a snapshot of the whole city. is it possible to do on PC?
  6. Mazula

    Make more tavern boost options.

    I feel there should be more or at least better boost options. since the game has evolved so much the tavern could use a revamp.. some boosts are 24 hourrs when all you need is minutes and others are priced way overkill.
  7. Mazula

    Level 32, Ranked 85th out of thousands Cankar Brigade.

    Please close thread.
  8. Mazula

    need top friends over the virtual future era. looking for help

    looking for goods for my himoji castle if anyone interested in trading please message me.. ty
  9. Mazula

    Forge Points and goods trade request for himoji castle.

    Forge Points and modern era goods for virtual future goods trade. looking to build my himoji castle ASAP so if anyont can help please feel free to message i will make your trade worth it! CHOW?
  10. Mazula

    Highway robery

    50 diamonds for 1 FP and many other things cost way too much in diamonds who else agrees? I mean im not trying to complain but wow it is kinda unfair.
  11. Mazula

    Picture of city in PDF.

    How do you take a picture of the city if there is that option? sorry if i am in the wrong thread but would love a pic of it.
  12. Mazula

    simple question?

    does the 10% 15% etc. defence boost help your army when attacking or is it strictly city defence?
  13. Mazula

    The Cobras

  14. Mazula

    Fire Kings

    please delete post.