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Search results

  1. New Idea: GbG adjustment

    that is the most sensible post i have ever read on here.
  2. General conversation

    well its mega busy on facebook, there is so much going on, people can argue there and enjoy a lot more freedom than the forum allows.
  3. Great Buildings

    the ark came first, then some bright spark did the maths and worked out players can rocket through levels using a 1.9 formula, something i am sure the game devs never thought about as they dont seem to pay much attention to details like that in the game lol i know players like it as it makes the...
  4. New Idea: GbG adjustment

    sillly me thought the game was guild battling guild ? it should be called match up guilds v match up guilds as those who play the farming and swapping can not win in the own right, so if they have pride in winning by forming pacts with other guilds then that is upto them but to then try to read...
  5. Great Buildings

    they should really ban 1,9 threads and get rid of the ark, lets see how good players are without there little helpers, ? this game was a great game when it was first out, right upunt the thing i find about the 1,9 theads is the hordes of players who end up posting up many gbs at the same time...
  6. Soccer Cup 2021 - Feedback

    can someone wake me up when this event is over please
  7. PVP arena

    no need to work it out once you get to fe era if you are any good you can fly through the rest of the maps. sadly when i first started you had to finish a map using only the troops of your age so it was really hard, can you imagne how hard it was to complete the ind era map when you only have...
  8. Great Buildings

    you missed one other kind of player from your list, a player who started the game without 1.9 thread or arks, a player who could only level up by the help of friends of guild swap threads, that is all there was at the start i find players who make those kind of statements have no clue about the...
  9. PVP arena

    they cheat in many ways, someone has told or shown them how to hang around in low eras but gain higher era troops. i really wish the game devs would put a stop to this, and also make it impossible for players to have higher gbs than the era they are in, that would soon sort things out and bring...
  10. Great Buildings

    so what would you recommend to a new player who makes only 24 fps a day ? swap threads are ideal for new players
  11. [GAME] Three Words Story

    whos eyes fill
  12. New Idea: Battle Point Bonuses

    your right i dont know anything about you, just i am so used to you showing up with your posts whenever i post, its a bit like having a stalker ? but true who knows anything about anyone online ? yet we do tend for form an opinion of a person dont we by how they post, and you are no different
  13. New Idea: GbG based on defense boost

    jealousy is an ugly thing to see on these boards, every time i read one of your posts it seems to come from envy or jealousy of others
  14. New Idea: Battle Point Bonuses

    i am all for fair play, but you dont seem to be able to accept you are not as good as the top players, and until they stop playing chances are you never will be, but it doesnt stop you from thinking up ways where you can try to close that gap because you seem to want to win but only if you can...
  15. Soccer Cup 2021 - Feedback

    thought i would give the game another chance so i had 2 attempts at trying to beat my opponent, i had an 85% chance to win and yet i lost both times ? i must be missing something about this game but 85% to win and i still lose both times ? its going back in the bin and i hope they dont bring...
  16. Soccer Cup 2021 - Feedback

    i am going to book my holidays for next year for the same time as this event will start again next year, got to be one of the worse events i have played, so many times i lose a match being over 60% to win, that alone is enough to stop me playing, but the main prize this time is really hardly...
  17. New Bug: Unable to plunder

    oh goodie goodie gum drops, anything that upsets plunderers is a great gift : ) can inno please make the delay problem happen but every 23 hours it will save me a lot in lost goodies
  18. New Idea: Battle Point Bonuses

    how about awarding players in iron age 1 million points per fight and those in venus era 1000 points per fight ? or how about making anyone past sam era only have 5 troop to attack with ? i am all for fair play but not to punish those players who have played the game a long while so of course...
  19. New Idea: GbG based on defense boost

    good lord are your serious ???? i have a better proposal, bin the game
  20. [GAME] Three Words Story

    lingering fart smells