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Search results

  1. Pin a Post

    so many threads these days need some kind of instructions to go with them, admin should be able to pin a post to the top of the visible thread
  2. Do we have to count evrything or is it going to be less hidden by Inno

    my most recent complaint, in my Traz when I collect a number drifts into the air and is frankly meaningless, I have joined a new guild this week and altered my production of troops, rogues and armoured infantry so i just collected +10 rogues and +14 armoured infantry, I have my totals written...
  3. Already Suggested: (Social Interaction) View those Blueprints

    Just clicking through AIDing my friends and guild ooh! what was that BluePrint I just got, perhaps if I had clicked a bit slower I would have seen or perhaps if I could go to my city's event history and see it, THAT WOULD BE GOOD WOULDN'T IT
  4. Level 80 ARCs

    this is not new content but I cannot find a discussion about it anywhere, in the guild to which I belong I am currently involved in arranging an ARC growth group. this will eventually,I hope result in 6 of us having lv 80 ARCs, along with the few we already have in the guild.. I know that at the...