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Recent content by Zanzi the just 55

  1. Antiques Dealer Bonuses to be bid on or Bought

    Also wondering when new bonuses like House of Horrors Upgrade will be offered in Antiques Dealer. Level 1 has been offered for a while so when are the Upgrades coming.
  2. Statue of Honour Levels in GBG

    Wondering if any new levels or additional bonuses for existing levels are going to be forthcoming. The levels we have now have been around for a long time with nothing added to the levels. Rumours have been circulating. Just wondering...
  3. Event Spring Event 2021 Feedback

    Sentinel Outposts are certainly great to get but you burn your saved lanterns for hopefully some and then Innu comes back with the upgrade just a couple of days later. Sure screws one up!!! No lanterns left to use.
  4. Blue Galaxy collections

    I just had to remember to not waste it on SUPPLIES!...and it can't add FPs when total is at 100 so it stops until you bring total down below 100 again.
  5. Halloween 2020 Feedback

    Have all the kits so don't need them. Trying to get full HoH. Was able by a fluke I think able to get the dolls and monkey in the second line so placed my Wolf HoH. Now trying only for upgrades and leaving everything else alone in search for lightbulbs and thus gaining the needed upgrades for a...
  6. Halloween 2020 Feedback

    I've burned up all my tickets and tools to get Sen. outpost when it came up but got nothing for the daily special. Gave up on next and just played for nothing special....got one daily...whoopee! but not one I wanted. Dailies are not given by Inno!!!! Then someone comes up and says they got a...
  7. Halloween 2020 Feedback

    I'm over half thru and only got 1 daily special and gave up on one I wanted then got one I could care less about. Daily specials are especially difficult to get...Inno again?? Also finding dolls...you were lucky. Found 1st four but last four are not being shown and dolls also are not showing up...
  8. Blue Galaxy collections

    As I had said earlier, I just built BG. With the bonus buildings getting bigger if it works it will help immensly especially for FPs. Didn`t know how it worked so asked in this forum. Now I see it in action and only at level 2 it multiplied 2 out of 4 times. I realize this won`t happen all the...
  9. Blue Galaxy collections

    Sad to say I started later in game to build some GBs.I'm in Oceanic Age now. Have Arc & CF, all the attack GBs, none of the defense GBs, HC, Kraken.AO, Traz. All levelled up higher so was trying to decide on Truce to gain goods while aiding and since have an abundance of my age and below goods...
  10. Blue Galaxy collections

    So does it show up to right like above right after levelling or only if it activates by an 'x2' floating up. Curious as mine never showed and I have an HC and Kraken that shows up to right automatically upon levelling. I'm new to this one. Just want to make sure it's working.
  11. Blue Galaxy collections

    How do you know when you get the extra collection from Blue Galaxy. Guess it's not like Kraken or Himiji that registers on left side of screen when active. Just put it up and gathered rewards from Nest and Assylum and nothing showed. Does anything tell you that it worked???
  12. Event Summer Event 2020

    I only play on one world. Don't think I would have time for another...
  13. Event Summer Event 2020

    Maybe for those in earlier eras but have too many WWs and no room to place and have a Crows Nest too but no room for diamond farms either. I'm in OF.
  14. Event Summer Event 2020

    I'm in OA so only trying for Sentinels. Still don't have enough defense but have lots of offense.
  15. Event Summer Event 2020

    Wasn't able to get my free ones as was boondocking when email came. I accessed it anyway but was too late. I agree it's possible but on the sailings I've been getting a lot of singles and almost no triples so I might be able to get to 8th level but not fully levelled. Inno is making it harder to...