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Recent content by Xeon of Camelot

  1. Xeon of Camelot

    Argg! No more diamond expansions!

    Simple, for the last year all my diamond purchases have been mainly for extra diamond expansions. So I don't buy any more meaning loss of income for Inno. Totally understand the need for space management but forcing me to go up many ages for only two/age when I have not got enough space in my...
  2. Xeon of Camelot

    Argg! No more diamond expansions!

    Only two, tbh it's not enough. What's the point of having more event buildings and some great GB's with no place to put them? The game has changed but not the expansion limits, Inno is losing income IMO.
  3. Xeon of Camelot

    Argg! No more diamond expansions!

    Was not paying attention and the option to buy diamond expansions has just disappeared. Limit reached!!?? With more & more event buildings more expansions are needed, why does Inno want to limit them? Fewer people buying diamonds doesn't make much sense?
  4. Xeon of Camelot

    Forge of Empires: Worst Experience with MMORPG in a Decade

    You expect to be a guild leader of a competitive guild in less than six months! :lol: You are still a newb m8, work on increasing your age, leveling your GB's & building a stronger Army. Don't try to run before you can walk. FOE is a game that rewards players who stick at it, often many years...
  5. Xeon of Camelot

    Castle System - Feedback

    The castle system is a way of rewarding those who log in daily. It's only three extra clicks daily. There is no need to disable it, just don't play it if you don't like it. :rolleyes:
  6. Xeon of Camelot

    Castle System - Feedback

    In the description, it says the new Castle system has a significant impact on the game as a whole however the rewards although welcome does not appear to be game-changing in the way it is played. Successful battles & negotiations Finishing big Guild Expedition encounters Buying items from the...
  7. Xeon of Camelot

    Fall Event 2021 Feedback

    Just received an event quest which wants me to finish each production option once. How do I do this without building every production building of my age?
  8. Xeon of Camelot

    Update 1.214 Feedback

    Maybe it was deliberate to slow down the GbG win by speed and try to rob some of the bots of their diamonds.
  9. Xeon of Camelot

    Why I am leaving the game

    ^This^ is so true! :D :D:D
  10. Xeon of Camelot

    Update 1.214 Feedback

    Well, I do think Inno is trying to reduce clicks like scrolling to the next military unit and stopping the taverns from opening. so it is a good update except for the button position of heal all. What we need is to do is encourage more patches like this that reduce clicks particularly relating...
  11. Xeon of Camelot

    Cultural Settlement - Mughal Empire - Feedback

    Well, settlements are mostly repetitive time-fillers, this one especially! Having done them all at least once I would prefer a break into something completely different (like a prolonged mini shipping event for example)
  12. Xeon of Camelot

    Why I am leaving the game

    Inno has done a good job so far without too much P2W despite the temptation. All MMORPG games have a turnover of players where some get to the end-game faster than others. Those who buy the most diamonds keep the company's finances well lubricated and also pay for free-to-play. All is normal...
  13. Xeon of Camelot

    Never enough Forge points...

    GB's need a ton of FP's to level them up to a higher point where they start paying it back with dividends, so I have focussed more on my army's attack as it's quicker to get fp from GbG diamond league guild battles. Getting my arc to 80 is taking all my daily fp's so without using diamonds...
  14. Xeon of Camelot

    Never enough Forge points...

    Which ones do you consider the best for the least space used?
  15. Xeon of Camelot

    Unformatted: Nice game, but so Unfair

    yeah I believe you, there are some/many things that could be improved. Not many games retain players beyond a certain time, the ones that do are often changed but not if it upsets more players than it pleases. Inno are working on another new game so this one is no longer getting the resources it...