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Recent content by vlahia

  1. Update Update 1.90

    You are right, at first I will stop fighting in GE and later I will stop playing this game finaly :)
  2. Update Update 1.90

    Congradulations, you finaly made GE strong enough so we must use diamonds to finish it...
  3. Forwarded: GvG Battle freezes and internal errors

    I usually used one MG team and 7 rogues and when I skip first MG's move and click on ''finish battle automatically'' I get that message... Today it happened in East-Nagach too in LMA GvG map.. I used heavy unit and 7 rogues and I clicked on ''finish batlle automatically'' and after that I got...
  4. Forwarded: GvG Battle freezes and internal errors

    World: Cirgard Browser and Version: Opera Overview of the bug: Screenshots: How often this occurs: Urgency: Preventative Actions: Summary: I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported: Have you...
  5. GvG Most Popular Ideas

    I agree that guild must have at least 10-15 players before fighting in GvG...ghost guilds are the biggest problem cuz they need 5 of each goods to win one sector but other guild needs 1500 of each goods to win it back...
  6. Level 11 GB's.....Is it worth the fps.?

    I really cant understand why they do this...
  7. Level 11 GB's.....Is it worth the fps.?

    FoE moderators please do not change GB as they are now...10 level is enough..but idea with one free level for full set of BP's is good but only for GB with lower level then 10...cheers
  8. List of positive and negative changes in FoE in the past few months

    Definitely GB leveling after level 10 is the biggest negativity,by my opinion...
  9. Players choice. Let us vote.

    totally agree..
  10. I have to speak what is on my mind!!!

    Hi again...I'm sorry LiquidSoup ,I'm not hating,I just wanted to say something and I can see that most of players feel the same... I wont give up so easily from this game because I really enjoyed playing it..I would like to help with my suggestions and will try to be more active at forum... Also...
  11. I have to speak what is on my mind!!!

    Fair enough :) 1) I don't like neighborhood ordering 2) I don't like GB changes 3) I don't like new GB changes which will come (as unlimited GB leveling) 4) I was really excited about GvG wars but now I cant find any fun there 5) I don't like this FoE soccer cup (we must check rewards every 6...
  12. I have to speak what is on my mind!!!

    Hi...I'm playing this game almost 3 years,I think,and it always was fun doing that..but recently I'm highly disappointed with every new update and every new change...I just want to know do you (Developers) even consider what most of players said? I know dozens of players with 2.000.000+ points...
  13. Petition concerning GB changes update

    Course I Disagree...