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Recent content by ViratKohli

  1. ViratKohli

    Closed June Soccer Contest

    10 + 10 + 10 = 30 10 + 5 + 5 =20 5 + (1+1) + (1+1) = 9 10 + 5 x 1 = 15
  2. ViratKohli

    Unformatted: GBG Siege Camps

    Sorry.. I think I may need to explain ATM, the more siege camps, the less attrition... All I'm suggesting is when you have more than 100% Siege Camp protection, then players get a reduction in their attrition, after all... the guild have already purchased the siege camps.
  3. ViratKohli

    Unformatted: GBG Siege Camps

    We have Siege Camps to reduce attrition But it if we have more than 100% protecting a sector... Can we have that sector to reduce attrition?
  4. ViratKohli

    Closed April Forum Contest - Word Find

    Alcatraz Atomium Capitol Colosseum Observatory
  5. ViratKohli

    'Treasure' Hunt!

    https://en.wiki.forgeofempires.com/index.php?title=Basics https://en.wiki.forgeofempires.com/index.php?title=Army_and_battles https://en.wiki.forgeofempires.com/index.php?title=Army_and_battles#Special_Skills https://en.wiki.forgeofempires.com/index.php?title=Call_of_Duty...