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Recent content by vfrmark

  1. vfrmark

    Is there a way to change the Battle Map to 1440p ?!?

    ?? I have no problem, playing on a big AG352UCG6 screen and set to 3440x1440 with refresh at 120 hertz - game looks sharp and no pixels at all even on maps. you normally control the display via the monitor settings not the game settings, try playing in there because screen might be a 1440p...
  2. vfrmark

    Why I am leaving the game

    agreed, it was in Beta that we were told the real reason for GbG which was to give a game like GvG to mobile AND design it in such a way that guilds will spend their massive banks of goods and hence get players to spend theirs too. always so much better hearing a developer being honest and wish...
  3. vfrmark

    Castle System - Feedback

    a few players reporting that they are on L4 already due to buying big batches of diamonds, he said on global XL= 35k castle points
  4. vfrmark

    How to skip Intro Tutorial

    when you have been playing 8 years why force us to do the tutorial - just a waste of time with no enjoyment at all. really need a skip button
  5. vfrmark

    Fall Event 2021 Feedback

    I did win a WW from grand prize, but pretty sure I got one in daily prizes but only via swopping the thing that was there, agreed it might have been fragments as was not collecting WW so did not hang around as not pleased with swop.
  6. vfrmark

    Castle System - Feedback

    so far seen that these help castle: GE fights and negotiations, pvp fights, but fights limited as are negotiations. What does not help are Repeating quests, collections from dealer or buying from tavern.
  7. vfrmark

    Fall Event 2021 Feedback

    I did get wishing wells come up on the daily prize but seem to remember it was from swopping
  8. vfrmark

    Castle System - Feedback

    its a blow up castle and they are repairing some punctures :lol:;)
  9. vfrmark

    Why the rush to complete GE before the last day?

    Urgent completion of GE is only asked for if we see a guild we are completing against has a very good record, mostly gold cups, then we would declare it a fast week and ask all to do it in 2 days, but even then we lost one as they did all theirs in 1 day. Theres no real prize for 1st, a 25%...
  10. vfrmark

    Logging in trouble.

    EN1 and en2 impossible to play at the moment, game logs in but clicking almost anything just locks game up and you have to relog back in, ticket raised and many comments confirming this problem in global chat
  11. vfrmark

    Update 1.214 Feedback

    having spent 20 mins to read this thread, I think 80% of posters commenting on the move of the heal button after a fight ALL say its a bad thing and please correct. Perhaps Mods here can prove they support players by supporting and asking for a move so it reverts to the way it worked a few...
  12. vfrmark

    GVG tactics that break the spirit of the rules

    HRC said: what if a guild kicks all other guilds off a map and then releases all the LZ's sectors and 1 sector behind it so no guild can land on that age And a year later its become normal game play in GvG AA map across all servers. Top guild(s) take the east release all sectors around LZ...
  13. vfrmark


    Matt the Melancholic said: According to the Wiki, it varies and you can expect between 10 and 15 per day. They do occur at random times, and some can be very tricky to spot. One looks just like another tree (another is a tree with a red dagger in it, which is easier to spot). Look out for fallen...
  14. vfrmark


    personally 3 changes needed 1) another level above diamond where only the top 20 guilds fight and ideally across all servers. 2) top guild at the end gets a 10% reduction in Siege Camp etc ability to reduce attrition, #2 gets 5% and this reduction is accumulative for each new session. alas the...
  15. vfrmark

    Unformatted: Possible modifications AGES in fights

    perhaps china wants to play FOE and beat existing top guilds? Maybe post to some independent research to back up that the FOE app on Huawei includes some sort of spyware?