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Recent content by TheOriginalBagger

  1. New Content Feedback for Space Age Jupiter Moon (SAJM)

    For me the whole “Keen Eye” thing is getting old now.. where does it go from here?.. in a few ages time we’ll have over 50% chance of keen eye activating and it will become even more of a game of chance when battling.. In earlier eras it was a skill game and thought had to be used to figure how...
  2. Space Age Venus - Feedback

    Just collected 2 shards but the icon top right still shows that there is one to collect?.. I’ve searched high & low and can’t find any?.. Can you make the shards like incidents where they flash a bit to make them easier to see?..
  3. New Content [Feedback] Guild Expedition Changes

    Sorry if this has been asked/answered before.. when you upgrade a terrace farm does it stay placed in your city or return to your inventory?..
  4. New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    This exactly.. I’ve kept my defensive buildings for a while now with an eye towards this coming even when everyone else switched their layouts to suit GbG and go all attack.. this new feature stands to make defensive buildings completely pointless as I collect religiously anyway so neighbourhood...
  5. New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    I think that’s the reasoning behind lumping the whole world together tbh.. their hoping spenders from all eras will burn diamonds fighting each other.. gives them something to do I guess but the smart players will just continue abusing GbG for FAR better rewards.. If I don’t set a defensive army...
  6. New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    I think all you stand to do doing that is push yourself into the more lucrative attacking slots and will find yourself attacked more by the high end players.. if I saw a CE player giving 100 bounty or SAAB player giving 150 I think I’d plump for the CE player and easier battle (especially...
  7. New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    Why do you have enough defender boost to stop some of the top players and their 1900%+ attack boost? That will be an interesting city layout.. St Basils, Deal & TA level 100+, 500 Tacticians towers and 300 ritual flames.. That is (and has always been) the problem with city defence it is...
  8. New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    The last time they released something with this much negative feedback was Virgo Project.. ok they tweaked it before releasing on live but if we have as much success with this we’ll end up attacking ourselves with 6 battles per day :P The game in the last few months has moved more & more towards...
  9. New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    Very underwhelming.. I had high hopes for this new feature too but it seems it’s just another way of getting us to blow diamonds.. SAAB era players with ridiculously high attack boost will be able to dominate (not that they don’t already like..) their the only players who are going to be able...
  10. Here is the utlimate proof why SAAB is just a bad age.

    Nails are epic but as someone mentioned before their easily murdered with sentinels.. I do think it’s wrong that the flying unit in SAAB is no match for the SAM flying unit but what are you gonna do..? we can only hope for some better units when we go to Venus.. if anyone finds a use for drill...
  11. Can't continue with soccer cup quests

    Best advice is before moving to Prog era get yourself post mod troops by pushing your continent map and story quests.. I had post mod commandos and a Champion while in Indy.. those little humvee dudes are epic and commandos hide in trees.. either of those with 7 rogues against any Indy, Prog or...
  12. General conversation

    Do you actually understand what the word “Guild” means?.. ‘a medieval association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power.’ What do you construe as considerable power?.. I see it as someone with a vast amount of knowledge and (in this game) resources that they use to help...
  13. General conversation

    Level 5?.. you know your hindering yourself by being in a low level guild?.. you’d be far better joining a high ranking guild and enjoy the benefits.. in my Cirgard guild we’re only level 70.. members get 8FP per day, 31% reduction to training time (traz collection every 17hrs or so) and 17%...
  14. Army management loading is getting worse

    Was gonna say.. have changes been made to this since then?.. I’ve got over 22k units and mine is fine :)
  15. General conversation

    I completely lost interest in the settlements.. I should do some more for the building upgrades but it was a bit of a drag.. I have a lot going on anyway in game.. GE, GbG, 1.9 threads, the daily running of my city (aiding & tavern visiting friends etc), a ton of RQ’s for goods and running my...