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Recent content by The executioner

  1. The executioner

    Spoiler msg center overhaul

    I would like to see the following 3 changes to the current message centre. -to be able to pin the thread -to be able to delete their own comment -to be able to shut off comments to the thread.
  2. The executioner

    New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    Here is my feedback I would like to see only active participants could attack other active participants only. If you dont participate then your city would be left at peace and no more plundering. If you need goods you make them yourself. This would resolve alot of issues of bullying that goes...
  3. The executioner

    Event Archaeology Event Feedback

    will there be upgrades for last years worlds fair building?
  4. The executioner

    Executioners wanted!

    Level 25 now. check us out
  5. The executioner

    Starting on Sinerania

    I have my third branch for The Executioners at Sinerania. This being my relaxing world and therefore a mostly newbie guild. Only by playing often, I guess I would be considered an overactive player, can you find the small differences between worlds. suddle but they are there. so much so that for...
  6. The executioner

    Battleground activity log by person

    Is there a settings for the battlegrounds log or is it just absolutely useless ny default? Hell I know what I did, I dont have amnesia. I need to see what my players did!
  7. The executioner

    Store inactive players

    unless it started today I dont think so
  8. The executioner

    Store inactive players

    Hi I would like to suggest storing away from the game inactive players. If they come back they can regain their city back into activity. As a guild owner when I look for new members I have to sift through lots and lots of inactive players taking to much of my valuable playing time. Thank you.
  9. The executioner

    Looking to join a friendly Guide

    what world are you at? The Executioners, worlds Mount killmore, Odhrorvar and Sinerania.
  10. The executioner

    Event St. Patrick's Event Feedback

    clearly the other diamond grabbing events werent efficient enough they had to count pot for pot exactly how many were needed to make sure that if you click on anything else you would need to buy diamonds. no leg room. This event is the true meaning of a money grab.
  11. The executioner

    Event St. Patrick's Event Feedback

    I wish I could buy pots of gold with shamrocks.
  12. The executioner

    Event St. Patrick's Event Feedback

    M is milions, B is bilions, T is Trilions and Q is quadrilions. you have to upgrade the factories or else you are not getting anywhere. dont be a cheap Milionaire!
  13. The executioner

    Event St. Patrick's Event Feedback

    finishing the towns faster wasnt a good idea because now I dont have pots to proceed. now i have to wait in my current town because im in the daily quests so that means I dont receive a huge amount of pots per day. It only works if i buy pots and keep going. Otherwise i wont be able to afford...
  14. The executioner

    Event St. Patrick's Event Feedback

    ok so we can figure out how to do the event, great....where are the prizes? am I the only one who feels like a slave?