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Recent content by Surge

  1. Surge

    pointless bits of the game

    This is an idle game. It's meant to be slow, i.e. idle, so those long timers are to be expected. I got by without buying any diamonds and I got far into the game and still have no need to buy any. Buuuuut then again I did quit like five or six times and my account is eight years old so make...
  2. Surge

    Peaceful Cities Movement

    I'm not gonna come up with a new argument concerning this because this has been mentioned pretty close to an infinite amount of times by many people so I'm just gonna copy paste what I wrote a few months ago.
  3. Surge

    Event 5 Years of Forge of Empires!

    I think the time when you could collect stuff only by single clicking and not click-drag was worse.
  4. Surge

    Event 5 Years of Forge of Empires!

    I remember joining at April 10 or 11, 2012. Good times. Lots of memories in this game. Can't believe it's been that long...
  5. Surge

    Great Buildings Alcatraz - be able to adjust troop output for a price

    Wait if they're useless then why do you have their barracks to begin with? Anyways -1 for the reason Test Ament stated.
  6. Surge

    New Content Oceanic Future - Part 1

    And I thought rock paper scissors lizard spock was weird...
  7. Surge

    Lost army (mostly Defense) must be destroyed

    The game attempts to depict real technological progression through history. The combat is entirely unrealistic no matter how you look at it. Single units, moving turn by turn in hexagon format? And you can only have eight people fight a war? I have a tough time believing people historically...
  8. Surge

    When Are Inno Going to Fix The Game

    Actually to be honest, if I was just new on a development team and had no idea about any problems on the game the company is working on, and consumers asked me about when something specific would be fixed, if I had to I'd likely give the same half-assed response. Their delightfully vague...
  9. Surge

    Market Update - The Auto Quantity

    Yeah, it would probably have gotten -1's, because as far as I can see, nobody actually asked for this lmao The general consensus is that Inno is dodging the really important issues with the game and implementing tidbits here and there. That doesn't necessarily mean what they're doing is right...
  10. Surge

    Increase the movement speed of ranged units

    You're not supposed to be using units two ages behind from the units you're opposing. What you're asking for is entirely superfluous because you're using outdated tech, when the issue is solvable by updating your units. Crossbows are simply superior to archers in every way anyways, why not use them?
  11. Surge


    I used to get plundered a lot daily. Six people or something like that? Yeah that wasn't fun, but I was about to talk to all of them and just through negotiations I cut down half the plundering. Four guy dropped randomly for some reason, then I beefed my defense and made another guy quit. In the...
  12. Surge

    Get rid of extra attempts prize on GE

    Disagree with getting rid of them entirely. Agree with removing them as prizes on higher levels. Level 1 is really easy on its own so the extra GE attempts for prizes on some of them can be pretty neat to climb quickly to level 2 and start actually raking the prizes. But I think it's best to...
  13. Surge

    Put the aqueduct in the cultural building section and make it non-premium

    Because if the game didn't have roads, we'd be playing the world's easiest knockoff of Tetris. Besides, that's construction, not resources.
  14. Surge

    Increase the movement speed of ranged units

    -1. Don't make the game easier because you can't strategize well enough to get around a rather minor barrier. You don't like how your archers can get reached by heavies? Then put them behind forests or ponds, or just throw in a couple of heavies yourself to distract them. Ranged are supposed to...
  15. Surge

    Put the aqueduct in the cultural building section and make it non-premium

    I think you're looking for another game...