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Recent content by stevejohnson

  1. Pin a Post

    that attitude was created by the negativity I have always managed to find on here so now my feelings are , well there's a suggestion do with it what you will or throw it in the bin
  2. Newbie here

    You can get alot of good advice if you go on Facebook/FOE forge of empires users
  3. Suggestion - remove one useless click in expedition

    I think you should change your "I am blessed" statement to " nit picker"
  4. Suggestion - remove one useless click in expedition

    I can only agree , you know you have won you don't need to be told
  5. Pin a Post

    Don't jump to conclusions so quickly, I am very pleased that you tried to help but the atmosphere on here has been so toxic in the past as you can see it is becoming now on this thread, that i have already lost interest in people that can only look at things that are done their wy
  6. Pin a Post

    well if you want to format it correctly then please go ahead other than that i am not interested in spending time reading how to do things on here to the satisfaction of someone that "won't put an idea forward if it isn't presented properly", they should wake up get some of the bad vibes off...
  7. Pin a Post

    If you don't like the way it is presented, too bad I stopped using the forums ages ago because there is so much negativity on here
  8. Pin a Post

    It is an Idea
  9. Pin a Post

    so many threads these days need some kind of instructions to go with them, admin should be able to pin a post to the top of the visible thread
  10. New Content Guild Battlegrounds (concept)

    I have read the article 3 or 4 times and I see it replacing GvG, successfully who knows, many play on tablets or phones so are excluded from GvG if you want them to play make it available
  11. Do we have to count evrything or is it going to be less hidden by Inno

    support were very helpful I actually had a champions retreat I couldn't see very well,hidde by a CoA. but it would have been much easier if I had had a list of the troops I had been given, I could have figure out the CR for myself
  12. Do we have to count evrything or is it going to be less hidden by Inno

    or are you suggesting I received 3 of something i am not producing, that would definately be a bug
  13. Do we have to count evrything or is it going to be less hidden by Inno

    In reply to your strange comment i received 24 not 27
  14. GB Oracle of Delphi: When to stop levelling?

    you won't find Delphi in higher level players cities because it wasn't around when they started, if you need happiness look to event buildings and alcatraz
  15. GB leveling ?

    the problem with many on here they think they know better and try to belittle you for asking such a stupid question, I got raided by someone and had FPs on his Cape, so I levelled it , didn't matter what it cost me it cost him 6 FPs, he however knew it was me I messaged him