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Recent content by StarLoad

  1. StarLoad

    [IMG] I'm now in the 100M RP club XD yay!

    I'm now in the 100M RP club XD yay!
  2. StarLoad

    In-game achievements

    and i did! actually not in 3 month, almost 2 month : ) atm in AF and going to OF in 4 days 150M RP here i go : D
  3. StarLoad

    Never enough Forge points...

    im in "the 1.9ers" in east nagach. and i tell you that its very pour treausry(most goods all less than 50k and some are less than 10k) but builds scs and its really good on gbg, also im merely 212/220% A/D in that server but i did 2.5k fights in a season so it means you dont need much high...
  4. StarLoad

    Never enough Forge points...

    most top 20 guilds can do that. go to a guild that is strong in gbg, and also builds lots of scs for gbg. you will get more fps(10 when obtained) in diamond league, and get more rewards and fights when it builds many scs. actually its easy gettting 1.5k fp from gbg. some big hitters get 10k fps...
  5. StarLoad

    General conversation

    any idea, what happened to DarkUros222? : ( i admit he was the most friendly mod i ever met in this forum...he seems to be not not seen for ages, no sign of him in L world too :/
  6. StarLoad

    gosh, i thought you were emberguard : P

    gosh, i thought you were emberguard : P
  7. StarLoad

    In-game achievements

    oh well maybe in 10 days, i'll repost as 100M : )) your saying cut on this thread cause your cuthwolf? : P (just joking)
  8. StarLoad

    In-game achievements

    and...almost reached 100M in korch.......: )
  9. StarLoad

    In-game achievements

    reached 10M at last in east nagach : D
  10. StarLoad

    Funny In-game pics

    Ghost tavern?
  11. StarLoad

    Funny In-game pics

    its actually all different player
  12. StarLoad

    Feedback on Mobile Hud changes

    i play on samsung A21s and THE ICON IS TOO SMALL. i want it to be back to normal...(sigh)
  13. StarLoad

    PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    i believe on eras like OF, should be given another advantage when space age troops. SAM over has keen eye which can kill units in 1 shot, meanwhile it takes about 8 to 9 hits to take 1 steel warden down when its just 400% LOL. and sentinels, immune to mortar will be NO USE. and OF is one era...
  14. StarLoad

    New Bug: Not a neighbor

    that occasionally happens when a neighbor becomes inactive for a while. for instance, i plundered an inactive player for 7 days in a row, but on the 8th day i couldnt see him, when i find him in rank it shows the neighborhood icon, but cant aid or attack him-> inactive neighbors get removed from...
  15. StarLoad

    In-game achievements

    players never seem to learn : P (east nagach version)