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    Update Update to 1.155

    The update to 1.155 will happen on June 24th. Read the details here and don't forget to leave your comments below!
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    Update to 1.155

    Hello Queens and Kings, The update to 1.155 will take place on Monday June 24th. There will be a short period of downtime during the update, we apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time. For a detailed description of the changes, please see the list below: Changes To help...
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    Soccer Cup 2019!

    The Tholos selection kit will be available, yes. This was an error in the announcement (which I wrote, my bad) I've corrected it. Correct. Also correct :D Cheers.
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    Contest day 1

    Greetings, Queens and Kings! For the first day of this little celebration, we're asking you to spot the differences in the following loading screen many of you will be familiar with: Let us know how many differences you can spot - and mark them on the changed loading screen. Make sure to...
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    Contest day 2

    Greetings, Queens and Kings! Welcome to day two! Today, we have a special little treat for all of you when you log into the game! Once in game, have a look at your boost overview to see what the 7th anniversary is going to bring you for the coming 24 hours! In total, every player logging in on...
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    Contest day 3

    Greetings, Queens and Kings! It's the third day of our little celebration! You can once again win something by solving a little puzzle! Nameless, The Wicked Witch and Space Age Rinbin all try to get to the station of the guild expedition promising a terrace farm. Which one has the correct...
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    Contest day 4

    Greetings, Queens and Kings! 2016 brought the Guild Expeditions and with it, one of the most important additions to the game! We have hidden a relic in our wiki, which you can find here: Let us know which page it has been hidden on...
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    Contest day 5

    Greetings, Queens and Kings! Today you have to cast your minds back all the way to 2017, the year of the Oceanic Future. What was the skill of the first Great Building of this age called? For this contest, 7 players can win 7 Blueprints of their choice! Have fun searching! Please submit the...
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    Contest day 6

    Greetings, Queens and Kings! 2018 brought the Reconstruction Mode to the game, which was one of the most requested features of the game. The research "Mathematics" was needed to unlock it, but now it is on you to use some mathematics to solve the following puzzle! For this contest, 7 players...
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    Contest day 7

    Greetings, Queens and Kings! It is the last day of our little celebration and today we would like to know your favorite memory of playing Forge of Empires! The winners will be randomly chosen, so small and big memories have a chance to win! For this contest, 7 players can win 700 diamonds...
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    Fixed: Today's update? still updating or error? unable to long in

    Sorry guys, we had some issues with today's deployment which should now be resolved.
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    Changes in Management

    Hey guys, As some of you may know, but many probably don't, in the last few months I have made the exciting move to Germany to work full time for InnoGames in Hamburg! This new challenge has, for me, brought with it some awesome new responsibilities, where I get to be much closer to the project...
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    New Content Virtual Future III

    VF3 is coming! The final part of Virtual Future comes to your city on February 6th. Check out the full list of upcoming content in our full announcement Enjoy! Richard & Team
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    Virtual Future III

    Back again in the Virtual Network. It was possible to trace the origin of Dr. Neurodeath and it turned out that he was a very talented kid going by the name of Pete Schominski. Despite making his identity public, he managed to hide and continue his fight. It is now up to you to rescue the VR...
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    Update Update to 1.145

    Yeah, as Test Ament commented, values from Beta for the most part should be treated with a pinch of salt. The likelihood it will change between now and Live is unlikely given it's content release as opposed to, say, a timed event, but still. The wikis will get updated automatically once the VF3...