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"... you might think that, I couldn't possibly comment." Feb 19, 2016

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Jul 15, 2018 at 2:46 PM
    1. barfdonkey
      Hi I noticed in the forged painting thread that I was one of the winners...... Was there any prize? Maybe it passed me by.
      1. barfdonkey
        oh nvrmind remembred what it was tihihi sorry.
        Jun 24, 2018
    2. hargadon123
      Hi hows things? I was wondering when the winners might be announced for the latest competition the Grevas fraud spot the different in the portraits?
    3. Sisu Shoshin
      Sisu Shoshin
      Where should i reply and upload the picture? Just joined, don't even know how to reply in a thread. Keep seeing "(You have insufficient privileges to post here.)".
      1. AneeNae
        I have the same issue
        Jun 12, 2018
    4. Herkool
      how may I upload the 15 differences' image to the page?
    5. Milo Shevich
      Milo Shevich
      What happend with my account Milo Shevich ? Why it is deleted and I can't access to play? What have you done ?
    6. Moon Ray 945
      Moon Ray 945
      1) Rogue Hideout
      2) Royal Marble Gateway
      3) Lords Manor
      4) Checkmate Square
      5) Town Hall
      6) Friends Tavern
      7) Castel Del Monte
      8) The Blue Galaxy
      9) Halmbock
      10) King Statue
      11) Sacred Sky Watch
      12) Confectionary
      13) Wishing Well
      14) Watchfire
      15) Memorial
      16) Blacksmith
      17) Gong Of Wisdom
      18) Tiki Totem
      19) Sundial
      20) Expansion
      1. Moon Ray 945
        Moon Ray 945
        21) forge points
        22) happiness
        23) player points
        24) early middle age
        25) campaign map
        26) guild founder
        27) diamonds
        28) collections
        29) population
        30) inno games
        Apr 11, 2018
      How do I start a post ?
    8. ventrue
      Sir, my guild has a neverending swap thread. one of my members said he accidentally deleted it and can't see it anymore. I can see it just fine. How do I add him back in the swap thread? Thanks a lot!
    9. padiddle
      Are you planning on announcing the crossword winners and the answers?
    10. jay the just
      jay the just
      When are the pumpkin contest results being posted? Thanks
      1. jay the just
        jay the just
        Still no results ??
        Nov 16, 2017
    11. BornToKiII
      Is it possible to send a private message to Sovereign ?
    12. Bartimaeus46
    13. Boorg
      Hello Sovereign,

      The answer 11 Across of entry #66 (Champions) in Fight or Evade is wrong so how is it that this is one of the winners?

      1. Sovereign
        Hi! Yes, someone already pointed it out and I removed the incorrect answer, giving us a new post 66. Thanks! I need more coffee.
        Jul 7, 2017
    14. quicksilver99
      I wonder if you have seen my posts in the feedback thread on the new GB screen. It would be nice to see a response from you to the problem. xx
    15. kr419
      Hi, not sure where to respond here, but got an email asking me which world I would like my 3rd place poetry competition prize put.... please put it in Houndsmoor
      Thank you!
      1. S J K likes this.
      2. Sovereign
        Done! Enjoy :)
        Mar 13, 2017
        S J K likes this.
    16. Queen Palad
      Queen Palad
      Hi, I just wanted to know when the poetry competition results will be announced. You said Tuesday, but which Tuesday?
      1. Sovereign
        Gonna try and get them posted soon, we're collating the results, thanks for your patience.
        Mar 8, 2017
    17. Stuart the Marauder
      Stuart the Marauder
      I was just wondering where i could find a list of whats available in each type of relic and the percentage chance of getting each item. Sorry if I should be asking this question somewhere else, I am fairly new to the game, and very new to the forum.
      1. -=Krabis=-
        On official FoE wiki there is info on possible prizes from relics, but i think they are still adjusting %, since text says: ''Here is an overview of what rewards these relics can give you, and the respective probability to win those specific rewards.'' but shows only prizes not %.
        Feb 26, 2017
    18. SylverMoon
      Hi CM, I sent a poem last night (actually in the small hours) for the Valentine poetry contest, and I just realised this morning there's a little mistake; would it be possible for me to correct it? It should be
      And yet the lambs are playing on the lea (not in the lea)
      1. SylverMoon
        No worries, I discovered how to edit it :)
        Feb 13, 2017
    19. frank246
      frank246 Hey again,
      more than a year, everyone is asking, to get GVG back appealing
      you promise improvement, but we wait and wait and nothing happens
      the Dutch server is better than the UK server, but see that many of the former players stop playing
      because GVG has become worthless
      Back to the drawing board, is my advice
      this is my last attempt to get through to you
      greetings Frank
    20. avanda
      I can not access forge of empires through log in it was updated 3hr ago and not been able to play since
      1. Sovereign
        Hi there. Have you now been able to login? If not, can you open a ticket with the support team and they should be able to assist.
        Aug 31, 2016
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