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  • How could we start the progress?
    After your long reply in my most nothing happened, I would love to talk with you personally.
    Sovereign is busy. If you wish to bring forth ideas about the game, please continue to use the Ideas forum.

    If you wish to bring up ideas about moderation or how the forum is run, please PM me and Amysteele.

    I promise you someone will look at your ideas if posted correctly in the right area. But it must be in the correct channels and have patience!
    None of the dishes originate from Australia, sauerkraut is thought to be German but it actually originates from china, (sorry I'm a bit of a foodie lol -which really is posh for greedy git) so I'm not sure whether you're asking for the actual answers or whether you've allocated 1 dish per each country as percieved by the masses.
    Thanks :-)
    National dish means dish considered by a certain country's institutions as most important dish in the national culture or as defining the country, not dish originated from the country.
    Hi could you please clarify some things about the foods of the earth competition, the thing is the dishes and countries are not matching up, theres some countries with more than one answer and some with no answer. - for example chikken tikka masala originated from the UK -Glasgow to be precise, as did roast lamb which is also a dish of New Zealand...... continued next comment
    I saw on Wiki that the new Christmas event main prize building looks awesome. Do you have a picture of it?
    If the wiki you looked at was the fan made one it's a pretty good bet that info came from the Beta forum.

    Generally speaking we don't discuss events or features over here until it's been officially announced. However if you want more info you could take a look at the Beta forum as Beta receives features well before other servers do.
    have a complaint that asking to collect 3500 silver for a daily quest is ridiculous as even with 127 friends there is no way I will collect that much.
    Hi there. The feedback section is reserved for official feedback threads. You can post your thread in "General Community Discussions".
    Hi I noticed in the forged painting thread that I was one of the winners...... Was there any prize? Maybe it passed me by.
    oh nvrmind remembred what it was tihihi sorry.
    Where should i reply and upload the picture? Just joined, don't even know how to reply in a thread. Keep seeing "(You have insufficient privileges to post here.)".
    I have the same issue
    What happend with my account Milo Shevich ? Why it is deleted and I can't access to play? What have you done ?
    1) Rogue Hideout
    2) Royal Marble Gateway
    3) Lords Manor
    4) Checkmate Square
    5) Town Hall
    6) Friends Tavern
    7) Castel Del Monte
    8) The Blue Galaxy
    9) Halmbock
    10) King Statue
    11) Sacred Sky Watch
    12) Confectionary
    13) Wishing Well
    14) Watchfire
    15) Memorial
    16) Blacksmith
    17) Gong Of Wisdom
    18) Tiki Totem
    19) Sundial
    20) Expansion
    Moon Ray 945
    21) forge points
    22) happiness
    23) player points
    24) early middle age
    25) campaign map
    26) guild founder
    27) diamonds
    28) collections
    29) population
    30) inno games
    Sir, my guild has a neverending swap thread. one of my members said he accidentally deleted it and can't see it anymore. I can see it just fine. How do I add him back in the swap thread? Thanks a lot!
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