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Recent content by SK of Redemption

  1. SK of Redemption

    AD Reach the Needed Castle system

    So sad, I was looking forward to unlocking them all
  2. SK of Redemption

    Update Update to 1.205 Feedback

    Quick question, from an iOS perspectiv, downloading the app again from the App Store it advises the version to be 1.204 (still). Any reason why the most recent version hasn't been released yet? I thought if I deleted the app and reinstalled the newer version would be active but it's not.
  3. SK of Redemption

    GBG match ups are not random and they are ruining the game

    Wow, you clearly have no idea mate. When GbG was first launched it was clearly random, that much I know. A few months back something changed and we battled the same guilds over and over. That took the fun out of it. My guild hasnt lost 1 round in 10 months now. WE DO NOT USE IT AS A FARMING...
  4. SK of Redemption


    Again, this isn't the reason why my guild fights in GbG. Yes, the rewards are amazing but my guild are a fully focused GbG guild as majority of us are mobile devices players. We like the competition. Maybe this makes us a very limited amount of players that are asking for a fair matchup not for...
  5. SK of Redemption

    Update Update to 1.205 Feedback

    Sorry, I presumed that it had started for other servers. Apologies
  6. SK of Redemption

    Update Update to 1.205 Feedback

    Has anyone seen a difference in GbG (match ups)? I know an update has been pushed in beta but I wanted to see if there's a difference in live. There have been instances where changes were pushed into live without notification, not many but there have been instances.
  7. SK of Redemption

    Update Update to 1.205 Feedback

    I don't have this in mine. I've updated to the most recent version 1.205; however, it's on iOS so that might be the difference.
  8. SK of Redemption

    Update Update to 1.205 Feedback

    That has been rectified, I'm on iPad and it works as it should now.
  9. SK of Redemption


    I can certainly say it's not the case in my world. My guild hasn't lost a round in over 9 months. I know for a fact there are several guilds wanting to compete with us since Jan this year when the algorithm was changed. Do I make an insane amount of rewards, yes, but not because I'm farming. We...
  10. SK of Redemption


    I don't think majority of the experienced players are naive enough to advise they'll quit playing the game based on Inno's inability to understand the issue. We will just stop buying diamonds to use in GbG. I won't stop buying diamonds altogether as I do enjoy the events. However, if the finance...
  11. SK of Redemption


    If Inno just remove camps they're basically saying they longer like money. I don't think that's happening, the best course of action, unfortunately, would be not to buy them for anyone who does.
  12. SK of Redemption


    I love GbG and after this new algorithm was implemented my guilds motivation has gone down and down. It's time someone takes this directly to the head of Inno. Some players spend an immense amount of money on this game, and I understand it's not fair only to listen to them, we have to listen to...
  13. SK of Redemption

    Confirmed: Message Center

    Currently I am unable to edit, copy or delete a message on any thread once posted unless I leave the thread and come back in. I've asked in my own guild and there seems to be a fair few there. I reported this to support and was asked to clear cache and then do the normal delete app and...
  14. SK of Redemption

    Antiques Dealer Auction Minimum Increments

    Just put an alarm to the last 30 seconds of the auction. Simple, problem solved.
  15. SK of Redemption

    Forwarded: To be able to select the Era of goods in the Market (mobile)

    Sorry, but that is not accurate. This would not just be used for players to balance their stock. I’m in VF but look for lower era goods for my guild treasury. Currently I have to click on each good from that era 1 at a time. What I understand from this idea is that we can just chose the era we...