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Recent content by Sir Chap of the Helm


    Placing guilds on ID numbers when they should be matched on your capabilities. There's no middle ground. If you finish middle of the table, it's Groundhog day again.

    Good point!
  3. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    Awkward is an understatement. Where is the competition when your strategy is to try to finish 5th or 6th so that you can drop down a league to give you some sort of a chance of progression? Backwards is a more appropriate word to use. Now you have two battles going on on the same map. Two guilds...

    Calling all guilds to boycott GBG until Inno sort this mess out.
  5. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    So we're 5 days into the new season in 4th place on 24k VP. Top of our leader board are currently on 124k VP. I can quite safely say now that we're not going to catch them, nor get anywhere near them as they are sharing sectors with the 2 guilds who are in 2nd and 3rd places. 5th place only has...
  6. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    Why though? Surely if we finish 4th then we should be up against others that finished in 4th? We still want to play the game and are too good a guild for the lower league. All we want (and I speak for a lot of guilds here, not just our own) is a FAIR fight. Obviously we'd expect to meet the top...
  7. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    Here we go again! So we've finished 4th again and low and behold, we are up against the same 3 guilds that have locked us out of the previous two seasons! Tell me how this system isn't broken when no matter how well/poor you do, you'll always get the same opponents (rubbing their hands again)...
  8. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    Everything about this game is focused on battling in some way or another. Most of the event buildings have some sort of military usage. The whole point is to build a city strong enough to participate in PvP, GvG, GE, GBG and fight your way across the continent map. If the battle element of the...
  9. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    It's hard not to care when you've put so much time into building something great.
  10. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    The primary purpose should be expanding and building up your city. Yes, 7 years ago that was the case. Now I have no more expansions available and most of my buildings have military capabilities so I'm all geared up for GBG/GE/GvG. As more battle arenas have been introduced, I've engineered my...
  11. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    That's all very well. But then we become the dominating guild for one season, usually having to encourage the smaller guilds to keep up and then straight back up to the diamond league when we win. I don't want it too easy or rock hard, just fair. Over 5,000 guilds in this world and we get...
  12. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    We are a big guild with some great fighters. We're ranked 7th in our world on points, but that doesn't mean we are a match to a few of those around us on fighting ability, but still we face them week in week out. How is it even considered to be a fair contest if you're constantly up against the...
  13. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    When is there going to be a fair placing of guilds for GBG? We fought hard last week with what limited space we had and could only manage to come 4th. And this time we have been placed against the same 3 guilds that beat us last time around plus one more of the top guilds giving us an even...
  14. Update to 1.99 Feedback

    It's annoying in SAAB if you accidentally skip the quest you're after, then you have to scroll through another 14 to get back there! That was bad enough without the time delay.
  15. Update to 1.99 Feedback

    It's arrived with today's update and it's a game changer for me, quite literally. Back to the PS4 for me, sadly I'm not on my own this time. Well done Inno!