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  1. Quitting The Game Due To Harassment & Bullying

    Due to repeated harassment, bullying and being repeatedly insulted I have decided to quit this game, as it has made me physically ill. Thank you for playing with me though.
  2. New Content Guild Expeditions - 4th Difficulty

    Oh, I see animated erupting volcanoes, but the sea whirlpools are static.
  3. FP Reward allocation

    It appears this change has made the 2 Forge Point pack an endangered species :(
  4. Quick start pack

    I still have the option to buy the Quickstart Pack and I am Early Middle Ages. I have bought it twice I think since I started, no idea if there is a limit to the number of times you can buy it.
  5. Implemented: Change 65% ToR BP reward for completing GE

    +1 It's outrageous to still have ToR BPs on offer at Level 3 this long after GE was introduced.
  6. Why is it possible for you to ignore Friends?

    Hmmm, it is good to have confirmation from an actual mod that ignore does not work both ways. Thank you for that. I must be losing the plot in a major way because in many instances I have seen chat from people on Global to other unseen parties and I don't have anybody on ignore. I was parroting...
  7. Why is it possible for you to ignore Friends?

    Hello vexeen, thank you for replying to my complaint. The Ignore function in-game works both ways, meaning that not only can the person not see what I write, but I cannot see what they write. This is different from the chat apps of the early 00s where Ignore just meant the person being ignored...
  8. Why is it possible for you to ignore Friends?

    Hello, From the gaps in conversation in Global chat I realised that somebody who was on my friends list had me on ignore, meaning I couldn't read what they were writing. Obviously I de-friended them. I'm just curious why you allow players to have their friends on ignore. Surely you should make...