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    Complete city rebuild - how do you do it?

    lol :D
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    New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    lol INNO woke up the sleeping bear with this stupid idea for pvp
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    New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    you think ???? IMO it's worst idea they had ever except maybe that thing where we had to watch an add to get stuff
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    Finding out how long you have played for

    depends on amount of diamonds acount has when you stop playing over a certain amount of diamonds they take longer befor deleating your account
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    New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    eaven if my boost and count troop is now high enough to just clic auto fight till my troops are all hurt i still enjoy strategy of a good manual fight 6 fights are a pure joke compared to what players can do eaven GE lvl 1 has more fights to do there should 'nt be a limit to amount of fights...
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    New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    if stays on only auto combat , strategy went out the door i think they need to do some changes to new pvp thing befor releasing it cause if it stays like that there's going to be a riot or most players will opt out
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    New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    for it to be popular i think all fights or at least majority of fights would need to have a chance to win prizes not sure this will be popular if only top players get something at end of week
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    General conversation

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    New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    if it stays like this ( no manual fight ) i predict a lot of ppl will opt out unless prize is worth it
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    Québec Canada

    Québec Canada
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    How to make a guild that is successful

    had one of those in past but did'nt help much no one went to see it
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    General conversation

    been through that a few times on L...
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    General conversation

    winter is to cold and summer to hot here in Canada Québec
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    New Idea: Perhaps not a New Idea on Blue Prints

    or add an other area in AD where you can sell BP's for a new coin that can only be used to buy a BP you need that would be on shelf in that area and like in normal AD there is only a limited amount of BP's available so can't realy be abused