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Recent content by Rongz93

  1. Offering 1.8 Support

    Hello there evereyone in O!! Me and my friends (Some of my friend arc is below 70) currently offering 1.8 Support for all players/guild that doesn't provide any Arc Support. If you dont know what is 1.8 Support, it's a way to level up your Great Building faster (not as fast as 1.9) If you want...
  2. Arc goods trade

    or you can message Faktor180
  3. Soccer Contest

    115 Soccer Balls
  4. Do You Hate Unfair Trades?

    this is the fair trade i know

    can anyone help me please? i've clear browser cache, restart pc, even done restore on the pc.. it still the same..
  6. Looking for Colonial & LMA Goods will give 2fps per trade!!

    I'm currently offer you Industrial Goods for Colonial, Colonial Goods for LMA, LMA goods for HMA. I will give you for each offer you accept but in a huge/big amount! I will put 2fps in you desired GB Add me up : Rongz93 My Goods : *Industrial Goods* 1000 Whale Oil 1000 Textiles 700 Rubber 450...
  7. Looking for OF Goods trade with VF Goods will give 3fps each trade

    How do I delete this post? Is it possible?
  8. Looking for OF Goods trade with VF Goods will give 3fps each trade

    its ok :) i manage to down trade it to CA right now
  9. Looking for OF Goods trade with VF Goods will give 3fps each trade

    100 Data Crystals (VF) > 200 Corals (OF) 100 Nanites (VF) > 200 Pearls (OF) 200 Corals (OF) > 400 Paper batteries (AF) 200 Pearls (OF) > 400 AI Data (AF) 200 Paper batteries (AF) > 400 Algae (Future) 200 Paper batteries (AF) > 400 Biogeochemical...
  10. Looking 1.9 Thread!

    Me and my brother are currently looking for 1.9 thread
  11. Recruiting Guild member active GE and GBG!

    sure why not
  12. Recruiting Guild member active GE and GBG!

    Guildname : Distrubed Founder : Delutional -Distrubed accept any era player -This guild is level 28 soon to be level 29 -Provide 3 Forge Points everyday in your TownHall -Provide Recruitment Boost 14% (Reduce the time recruit and heal army) -Reduces coin and supply cost of all buildings by 7%...
  13. Looking for Future Goods will pay FP

    I need PE Goods for CF or Future Goods for Arc.. Offer me, please dont go high
  14. Official 'Looking for Friends' Thread

    Looking for friends, add me up Rongz93