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Recent content by RichinZhills

  1. RichinZhills

    Player A Viking in Egypt - Spanning the Worlds

    Newest World Uceria! Started Primordial Oozers and we're not doing too bad! It was like I figured, several guilds already had their teams arranged beforehand and they've rocketed to the top. Kind of like taking a NASCAR pit crew to local car race, no way to compete. But it will always be...
  2. RichinZhills

    Primordial Ooze

    Be one of the first to crawl up from the muck of a new world! Feast on new players, step where no one wanted to step before, and get your feet dirty! Join a small but determined guild of Oozers as it climbs into the bright shining sun looking down on cities rising into new Empires.
  3. RichinZhills

    New Content New World Uceria feedback

    I think once they get into the grind, they just up and convert it to Wishing Wells or FoY's and start on a new world. No harm in that.
  4. RichinZhills

    New Content New World Uceria feedback

    Well, nobody made it to SAJM yet, but yes, a lot of money was spent. #1 in the world seems to have a fully fleshed-out Castle system, so hundreds of thousand castle points. I personally went with the $49 package, I was getting too far behind. All top #10 purchased packages. Noticed a few in...
  5. RichinZhills

    New Content New World Uceria feedback

    It will be interesting to see the different game strategies play out in a brand new world. Nobody up there yet to trade goods for the high-end GB's. So until you get there and start producing goods, they don't exist. So you'll have your rushers who will push through the Ages, no worries about...
  6. RichinZhills

    Closed August Word Find Contest

  7. RichinZhills

    Event Fellowship Event Feedback Thread!

    So the event has been put to sleep this year and I have 16 LvL 10 Heroes Taverns. I had just started two new worlds, one on the US server, and was able to complete the Event on both. Very challenging when you don't have a lot of resources, but the quests were balanced enough that they could be...
  8. RichinZhills

    Can the Daily Recurring Quests be looked at?

    So as an example, I have hundreds of older Age troops "waiting" for that day I might venture out on the GvG to use them again. Otherwise, they're just fodder. But they do take up space in a database somewhere. I can only imagine players in the space Ages having hundreds of thousands of troops...
  9. RichinZhills

    Can the Daily Recurring Quests be looked at?

    If that's the case, I think the Quest most players skip to is the pay x gold & x supplies. This could scale like the medals do in GB or like attrition does in GbG and also gets reset with the clock. Every time it completes the cost gets higher until you're spending hundreds of thousands of...
  10. RichinZhills

    Continent map - cost of negotiation with goods and no chance of winning battles

    Hey QN, I have 12 Worlds that share about 1k diamonds that I've picked up on GE, Quests, and benefits added by the Chateau. My first 8 worlds I rushed to LMA and hit my wall. I couldn't fight and couldn't trade so I joined a Guild. And as mentioned, the #1 bit of advice you'll get is to stay...
  11. RichinZhills

    Can the Daily Recurring Quests be looked at?

    The quests I was referring to are to specifically build Industrial Lights, Automobiles, and Rodeo champion. And in the Iron Age the Meat Skewer and Wheel of Cheese (24hr productions). Those two buildings you mention are good for the "timed" production quests, but not the specific item quests...
  12. RichinZhills

    Closed June Vacation Contest

    The Life of a Pirate My journey would start fairly close to home in Tampa Bay. I would board my small, but capable, sailing vessel geared toward moderate seas. I'd have the tools of a modern pirate, GPS, Radio, Book of Lost Treasures, metal detector, and digging implements. I'd set sail...
  13. RichinZhills

    Can the Daily Recurring Quests be looked at?

    So some adjustments were put in place, I believe, to limit the number of skipped quests. Some players with high-level CF's were breaking something by skipping thousands of them causing some issues somewhere. So a limit was put in place instead of possibly looking at the skipped quests and...
  14. RichinZhills

    Event Soccer event 2022 feedback thread

    Just a few things I've noticed. I've got 12 worlds, so trust me when I say I do each quest 12 times. Random isn't really random: When I select the optional building type on either the Practice or Tourney, 80% of the time I get the same building I just traded for on the previous world. On top...
  15. RichinZhills

    Already Suggested: Multiple Army Selection Tabs

    Proposal: Add two additional Army selection tabs to the Army Management Screen. Reason: More efficient game flow. By having three different armies configured, a player could choose which one was the most efficient against the enemy army. It would also speed up combat by saving up to 16 clicks...