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Recent content by RichinZhills

  1. RichinZhills

    Already Suggested: Multiple Army Selection Tabs

    Proposal: Add two additional Army selection tabs to the Army Management Screen. Reason: More efficient game flow. By having three different armies configured, a player could choose which one was the most efficient against the enemy army. It would also speed up combat by saving up to 16 clicks...
  2. RichinZhills

    The best Age / Era to stay in ?

    Sometimes it's a matter of taking provinces out on the continent. Once you take a certain one or scout it, you can sometimes unlock that Era's quests. I've gotten EMA troops in Iron, Colonial in LMA, and Industrial in Colonial simply by negotiation and taking those future Era provinces. Good...
  3. RichinZhills

    Define priority for Auto Battle

    When you say a person is too weak to win on auto-battle, what you're actually saying is you need enough att/def% points to overcome how stupidly it fights for you. If you play 1 champion & 7 rogues auto-battle against 8 archers, chances are very good you'll lose the battle. The AI will move...
  4. RichinZhills

    Do Not Suggest: Upgrade Event Hub

    Have more synergy for completed event buildings instead of just a week's reward. For each event completed or Event building that has upgrades applied, have the Even Hub gain a military bonus as a reward when those buildings are active. So if a player completes the upcoming Fall event, maybe...
  5. RichinZhills


    Although not a bug, the Nubians do nothing in their practice yard. Since these guys are the main staple in a lot of Egyptian guides, they should be practicing. Maybe due to their footprint, it's hard, but certainly, two arrows could arc high and deep to hit targets and one guy could run back...
  6. RichinZhills

    Player A Viking in Egypt - Spanning the Worlds

    The Middle Days - Viking Production So I got caught up in the Wildlife Event and missed a few screenshots. But basically, I followed my Langendorn plan after I built my Beast Masters and got enough horns to buy my last 3 expansions, so now at 12: So with all three goods buildings available...
  7. RichinZhills

    Player A Viking in Egypt - Spanning the Worlds

    Working with Timers: I hit a wall with about 6 cities. I was lucky if I could keep them all growing and thought I bit off more than I could chew. I knew I needed some type of clock, so I tried adding one to my spreadsheet that I had for all my cities. But if you've worked with spreadsheets...
  8. RichinZhills

    Player A Viking in Egypt - Spanning the Worlds

    City Development Each of your cities is unique, and you may like a lot of this or that to dress them up. Keep in mind that everything you place in your city has a purpose. This post is just an opinion of how to develop your city for faster production of goods & supplies. Until you develop...
  9. RichinZhills

    Player A Viking in Egypt - Spanning the Worlds

    Tavern Development The Tavern provides several bonus boosts that you can purchase for Tavern Coins (TC's). But some of these come with a heafty price tag. You'll also need to come up with a certain amount of TC's or filled seats to complete event quests. The only way to do this efficiently is...
  10. RichinZhills

    Player Response Thread for A Viking in Egypt

    That's really me on the Skywalk at Sky Tower in Auckland, NZ. I also did the BridgeClimb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as the Skywalk on the Sydney Tower. I worked for the Cruise Lines, so yes, I have spanned this World as well as FoE's. I'm hoping that what I post helps you out past a...
  11. RichinZhills

    Player A Viking in Egypt - Spanning the Worlds

    Viking Collections - Change of Plans: If you want to finish as fast as possible, you'll need to be flexible on your plans, and by the way, have a plan. It's just good practice. So on this last collection, I received a 4x in Axes. That actually gave me enough Axes to unlock both the Huts &...
  12. RichinZhills

    Player A Viking in Egypt - Spanning the Worlds

    Incidents - Basic Incidents are those random events that pop up on your land from time to time. Some are really easy to find as they're on a grassy field and have a halo when you mouse over them. Others, like the SOS in the sand, may blend really well into the background. Then there are the...
  13. RichinZhills

    Player A Viking in Egypt - Spanning the Worlds

    Story, Daily & Recurring Quests - Basic From time to time an Advisor will show up in your Story tab and offer you a reward for completing one type of task or another. In the Story tab these may be "Story" or "Recurring" quests. "Story" quests are usually required quests you'll need to complete...
  14. RichinZhills

    Player A Viking in Egypt - Spanning the Worlds

    Antique Dealer - Basic This is a good place to obtain parts and upgrades for special buildings as well as the odd decoration or two. You have two screens in here Exchange & Outcome, you toggle between the two by clicking on the round circles. -The Exchange First, you'll need to gather coins...
  15. RichinZhills

    Player A Viking in Egypt - Spanning the Worlds

    Combat - Basic Unless you have a lot of offensive/defensive buffs, never use auto-battle. Follow the guide below and you should become very efficient at fighting and keeping your units alive: After you determine what your best units are using the Combat Circle [ Heavy -> Light -> Fast ->...