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    Do Not Suggest: Re-Design For TRUCE Tower

    I think it looks nice.
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    Event Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    Do a search on other event feedback threads and it might shed a bit of light. Plus you will get a good laugh.
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    Event Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    Not fussed bout the in-between bits but will try for the end bits. 14fp is nice. Best of all is its plunderable. Not fussed bout the league thing either. My HC routinely give me 200 fp at a time. Bring on the moaners!
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    Spoiler Soccer Event Spoilers

    It's stuff like this that makes the internet the awesomest thing ever!
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    Do You Hate Unfair Trades?

    I remember Pipi. I believe we saw a movie in school back in the late 70s or early 80s in Canada.
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    Unformatted: Richness tab in the Global Ranking

    I can't help but wonder what kind of event theme would come with an event with a prizeike that!
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    More avatars representing people of colour

    I want a Donald Trump avitar. He's orange.
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    City plundering

    I don't expect aid from the hood at all.
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    It really would be nice to have a different icon, a green burglar instead of a black one, to let your plunder victim know you got double. Love letters would definitely be of higher quality.
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    Neighbourhood rollover

    936 posts and still unsure of how hood rotations work?
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    New Content Cultural Settlements - Ancient Egypt Feedback

    But it aint. If it was that would be one less thing to think about. The game would be just a bit easier. It is just a problem that can be overcome with abit of thought and a bit of change in gameplay.
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    New Content Cultural Settlements - Ancient Egypt Feedback

    Timely collection is way to much to ask for many and thats a good thing for a neighborhood bully like me. The upcoming Ben Hur speedway will be the same. Between those two, the Irish garden, and folks who can't seem to workout how to get there stuff on time I would say some of us have had a good...
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    Just emojis

    And what does one do with a reaction score?
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    can someone explain to me

    How did they cheat?