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Recent content by ricbemo

  1. Looking For a Change?

    Looking for a change? This guild is different. We do not have swap threads or 1.9 or 1.8 at this time. Instead, we will remain a small guild and open up the positions on a GB to members ahead of time at a 2 to 1 ratio. This way everyone will get an opportunity to get FPs and BPs. As we get...
  2. New Bug: Incident reappears somewhere else when collected.

    Add me to the list, I have the same problem; and I play on multiple "worlds" but it happens in most of them.
  3. Incident Collection

    Is there an easy way to locate the incidents when they are on the roads? Right now I am moving buildings to try and find them. Thanks in advance.

    We are a newer guild that is going through a rebuild and recruitment. We are looking for players who want to have fun and actively play the game. We do remove dead weight from the guild, so only apply to join us if you plan to play at least 5 days a week as a normal pattern. We are doing good...

    We are a rebuild of a former Guild. I am the only active player left in the guild, so I have changed the name and the ideals this guild will run by at this time. Looking for active players of at least 4-5 days a week. (Prefer daily players) My treasury is already built up pretty well from the...
  6. Soccer 2021 Team Cards

    How do we add the extra player cards we receive, onto the right side of our screen as active players?