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  • Seeing as I'm not the only former soul to roam around... I felt compelled to drop by. You know, it took me a while to get why you were amongst people I (used to) follow. :D

    So hi! And a (dangerous) question I always wanted to ask (cause I cannot remember getting an answer to this): Are you actually a blacksmith?

    lol no that was from when I was blacksmith the cm here
    Saw you log in and wanted to poke you again. Hope you're doing good! :)
    Doing ok. Health is better. Hope youre doing well mate
    Glad to hear that! All is good here, I think. :X
    May your Christmas cheer, run throughout the year... Merry Christmas and a Fabulous New Year!
    Hahah. I'm sure you supplied them all with PLENTY of entertainment. :D
    I miss you doll face! I hope RL is going great for you! :) *hugs*
    Hey you! Haven't heard from you in a while! Hope all is going well! :)
    Thanks for the gift tonight bud... I will make sure I am nice in the chat all the time now ;)
    how do i deploy traind spear men or slingers as there seems no explanation how to or am i missing an important info file?
    ive sent a ticket of the message i get when i click the build tab it asks me to vertify my email to use this feature ( build )
    There is nothing for me to be jealous of! :P
    Oh No! & here I thought you were an action film kinda So much for that...I'll have to leave now..
    Hehe...Why a pocket protector...Geez! lol & here I thought you guys were good at this kind of stuff.. :P
    Congrats on your promo, again! :)

    *hugs* Hehe. Ohh..I forgot I don't get hugs back from you guys cause y'all are lame! lol
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