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Recent content by R0gueCru5ader

  1. FP's for Goods Trades for CdM

    Lol true, not worth the hassle
  2. FP's for Goods Trades for CdM

    It should be, but the seller may request that you add a 1.9 contribution on top of the 50fps so it's best to have more.
  3. FP's for Goods Trades for CdM

    People shouldn't be charging over 50fps for those goods... 100-300fps is an insane amount to charge for ~1500 LMA goods
  4. GvG Viability

    I don't recommend attempting GvG until you've rounded up a couple hundred rogues (assuming you're deploying sieges) as it can really take a toll on your units. Even so, IA map is not worth spending goods on. You're much better off using the units in battlegrounds.
  5. Do Not Suggest: GB for negotiations

    We already have SC for negotiations...
  6. Forwarded: Search feature on reconstruction mode

    Proposal: Add a search buildings feature on the reconstruction menu Have you checked the forums for the same or similar idea Yes Reason: Current building menu requires player to scroll the entire list of buildings. A search feature would allow players to instantly find the building they want...