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Recent content by Princess.b

  1. Princess.b

    PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    2400 is easily beaten, defence is really a waste of time. just a pity this will once again be slanted toward players willing to pay money to fight more. any insight about the rewards? be good if you can enter a live 1on1 where 2 opponents have a timed fight so that defences and attacks can be...
  2. Princess.b

    (Sale) May Madness 2021 Feedback

    how ridiculous!
  3. Princess.b

    Cultural Settlements Update - Feedback

    i think thats the main building in the settlement, not the reward building
  4. Princess.b

    Update to 1.99 Feedback

    the exact number if milliseconds is less important to me, what is important that it takes me nearly 30seconds to cycle to where i want to be. adding this arbitrary and blanket impediment to the cycling is just a lazy solution that doesnt address any meaningful issue. cheaters and autoclickers...
  5. Princess.b

    Update to 1.99 Feedback

    what exactly do you think is not polite or civil ?
  6. Princess.b

    Update to 1.99 Feedback

    I'd love to. Can you share the links
  7. Princess.b

    Update to 1.99 Feedback

    its not abuse, its playing the game to the best of your abilities.. at worst it unbalances it. if balance needs to be introduced, and i'm sure it should at certain points - then introduce balance. but not at the expense of so many gamestyles and players
  8. Princess.b

    Update to 1.99 Feedback

    how can using the game's features be classed as exploitative or abusive?? if anyone at the Inno-improvement-department thinks so, they should address the nature of of the exploit by limiting the benefits.. this so-called improvement is like putting speed bumps on the highway instead of enforcing...
  9. Princess.b

    Update to 1.99 Feedback

    roll this update back, the delay is a killer, and harms the wrong people
  10. Princess.b

    Spoiler Upcoming significant nerf ro Recurring Quests

    so how do engage with inno in conversation? they dont seem to listen to feedback from beta, they dont listen to these threads here. how do you get them to take this under advisement again ?
  11. Princess.b

    Spoiler Upcoming significant nerf ro Recurring Quests

    these last changes are horrible, -finally, they allowed an easier less clicky way to do multiple productions quickly, and for some reason, they added a zoom.. who ever wanted to zoom on a building they just set into production? what possible point could there be to it? plain stupid. -adding a...
  12. Princess.b

    Do Not Suggest: introduce a GB to assist in CIty Defence

    its only a waste of time/space/resource because the defensive army is super weak and stupid... thats exactly what my idea is there to address. of course collecting every 24h is the way now. but some of us cant be at our PCs at that time every day
  13. Princess.b

    Do Not Suggest: introduce a GB to assist in CIty Defence

    Proposal: Introduce a New GB to gradually increase the player's defence army skill and intelligence. Reason: defensive armies have been very poor for years. they offer very little resistance and are too predictable. an increase to their skills will offer a defensive player a real chance of...
  14. Princess.b

    PvP Arena Feedback

    Its a shame you are pulling it out. you had the right idea, but didnt think through the gameplay and were too greedy in its implementation. started out with 5 fights and buy extra with diamonds.....?!? i mean - realyy ?!? why so greedy ? yes, you added the medals options after - but you...
  15. Princess.b

    Spoiler msg center overhaul

    Is far from uselss.. i cycle dozens of times a day... clicking away 10 different quests in VF every time i add 200 FPs only serves to aggravate my CTS... and doesnt add anything to the game. i will never want to add 15k happiness, or produce 5 foxes.... why shouldn't i be able to just get rid...