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Recent content by Powe


    He was wielding a flamethrower.
  2. PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    It's like removing someone's freckles when they have a gaping wound in their arm.
  3. Update 1.201 Feedback

    I think the major problem with this discussion is that none of us are unbiased.
  4. Archaeology 2021 Feedback

    That's pretty pathetic given he's been playing just as long as you.
  5. Archaeology 2021 Feedback

    I almost made it, but I missed the last day of the event so I only have level 7. Maybe I'll finish the next event.
  6. Archaeology 2021 Feedback

    I didn't get the tablets or calendar completed, and my ferris wheel is at level 7. Thankfully I only have 3 idols to go before the next upgrade kit, so I will probably just make it.
  7. General conversation

    Did anyone else get a House of Horrors in their AD?
  8. Update to 1.204 - Feedback

    And GBG doesn't count as infinite resources? If infinite resources is killing the game, why not nerf GBG too?
  9. (Sale) May Madness 2021 Feedback

    Probably the sort of people who spend $15000 on the game.
  10. Update to 1.204 - Feedback

    I noticed you deleted your other quote on how the current way was "the only way". You don't seem to understand what "only" means.
  11. (Sale) May Madness 2021 Feedback

    They're targeting idiots.
  12. Update to 1.204 - Feedback

    If they wanted to stop cheaters, they could have put the quests in random order so autoclickers wouldn't work. This is not the only way, but the current one is the worst.

    Can you show me the quote? Now he's Knight of Water. So if you just laugh at everyone else's complaints, can we laugh at your complaints?
  14. Update to 1.204 - Feedback

    And it's balance to take away all the time and FPs people have invested into a perfectly valid and official strategy?