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Recent content by PomPoms

  1. PomPoms

    New Content Feedback for Space Age Jupiter Moon (SAJM)

    I assumed he meant for Guild goods, not much point if they were personal as you say.
  2. PomPoms

    New Content Feedback for Space Age Jupiter Moon (SAJM)

    The new GB is rather pointless. Yes, while Treasury goods are helpful to the Guild, goods of the players current Era are often not the ones in critical condition. And the other boost....seriously? Do you really see that as being something useful? This is a Jupiter Moon GB, it should probably...
  3. PomPoms

    Update Update to 1.226 Feedback

    It is indeed lovely that there is now more room for expansions, but you have put some of them in odd places. It is going to be quite difficult for example to use the ones up by the harbour without waiting to open all of them at once and shifting my whole city that direction. But that however...
  4. PomPoms

    Update Update to 1.226 Feedback

    I reported a mobile GBG bug back in October last year about every 3rd fight, you have to re-tap the sector you are working on as the window does not reappear automatically for the next attack like it should. I see you made other fixes in GBG but this other irritating bug is still happening. I...
  5. PomPoms

    New Content Castle System Additional Levels Feedback

    The expansions are nice, but yeah, a long time to get there when you don't buy diamonds. But despite that I may never reach the end, I am enjoying the Castle feature :) While you are there though, how about integrating the two chests into one click to collect both parts? There really is no point...
  6. PomPoms

    Cultural Settlement - Mughal Empire - Feedback

    Oh man, I am halfway through. I don’t know if I can do this 5 more times. It is just SO painful. I hate tearing down EVERYTHING just to get enough diplomacy to open something, then rebuilding it all. Aztecs was bad, but this one, oh boy, this one is so bad that only profanity could describe it...
  7. PomPoms

    Update 1.222 feedback

    Nice! Some good things happening in this update. Thank you to the devs for listening to us!
  8. PomPoms

    Update to 1.221 Feedback

    I did read it. Read my original post. I wondered what the "improvement" was. I worry about Inno's "improvements". My mention of the "heal all" was just wishful thinking. You don't know what they did Knight so don't worry about replying.
  9. PomPoms

    Update to 1.221 Feedback

    Huh, I thought that WAS the official announcement. Never mind, I just hope this time it IS an improvement!
  10. PomPoms

    Update to 1.221 Feedback

    No, but perhaps that is because it's a mobile change and my version on mobile is still 1.219.14. I just wanted to know what they did ahead of time. do you know or are you still in the dark too?
  11. PomPoms

    Update to 1.221 Feedback

    “We improved the performance in the army overview” What exactly did you do? The last ‘improvement’ was the “heal all”….did you finally remove or shift it?
  12. PomPoms

    Update Update 1.218 feedback

    What they said ☝️ Please change the red exclamation, so it’s only for collecting the castle chests! Sheesh!
  13. PomPoms

    Update Update to 1.217 Feedback

    It's great the exclamation point will be there to remind you to collect the boxes (although that happens at the same time every day), but um...yeah...I also do not see the point of it showing up any other time. There is really no other interaction required with the Castle. C'mon Inno, please...
  14. PomPoms

    Help with an annoying "friend" please?

    Forkin and Loki, you can learn TONS about this game in Youtube. There are many, many, instructional videos there that you may find helpful. If you have time, it is well worth checking out to help with fine tuning your game. I have been playing for 7 years, and I am not yet in the highest Era...
  15. PomPoms

    Castle System - Feedback

    There isn't really anything else that a counter would be needed for, is there? Maybe the Big GE encounters as well, but that one is easier to count. But anything with a limit would be nice to know where we are at with them. These are the actions that count for points: 15 Successful battles 15...