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Recent content by Paladiac the Pure

  1. Persistent Need !

    The best bug-fixer we have here! Kind of losing track of how many things messed up from the last update! lol Thank goodness for Ctrl R
  2. Great building selling, what happens to Forge Points?

    You sell the GB, everyone loses whatever they currently have sitting on it. And if you choose to have the GB again in the future, you will start off with it as a level 0 building, brand new. Whatever you have now, will be gone permanently.
  3. new world

    Not that big of a deal I imagine, with a number of players already playing with multiple accounts on some (if not all) worlds.
  4. new world

    I would not expect that to happen either - however, Blizzard used to say the same thing about Warcraft, and a few years ago they were able to start merging multiple worlds into a single. Technology is different here most likely. And you may be able to merge worlds within a single account...
  5. new world

    With various comments and complaints the last couple months of how many people supposedly were quitting or giving up on the game, due to the GbG and other things - if anything, some of the Cities might end up merging, so as to reduce worlds. Be absolutely no reason to waste resources opening up...
  6. Update Update to 1.209 Feedback

    As I just discovered, it appears not just the Tavern counter not updating - the Event ticket counter not updating either. Counter on the screen showed only 2, which I thought odd, because I had expected a ticket to be added an hour or so ago. Enter the Event game window - and lo and behold, I...
  7. Update Update to 1.209 Feedback

    OH! Absolute crud!! One of my quests in todays daily was to collect 2500 silver. I have been watching my Tavern to fill up so I could collect and hopefully get enough on a 2nd round. Now I see it was full, but no idea how long and how many other tavern visitors I lost because of it. Only a...
  8. Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback

    I would not recommend spending any diamonds on this Event. If your luck is bad now, think how you would feel if you bought a couple tickets and those boards were devoid of any paws. Part of the reason I strongly dislike the event - far too much RNG to gamble on.
  9. Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback

    Agreed, it was terribly designed. And the one overall factor that seems to be missing - fun - no fun with this Event at all. Even if do get a fully levelled Event Building by the time it is over, the fact that there was nothing about this game/puzzle that was fun at all, is a big factor as to...
  10. New Bug: Cannot create a 3x3 building in an "empty" 3x3 space

    Do you have the population available to build it?
  11. Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback

    Well, why are you not dealing with the fact that every 3rd quest gives you a ticket on the main questline and every 2nd quest in the daily questline gives you a ticket. Are you just not paying attention?
  12. Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback

    Tickets do appear in incidents, though coins are more common. You just have not had the fortune gods smile on your incidents yet - or maybe you are not collecting all your incidents, in which case you could be losing a number of potential tickets and coins.
  13. Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback

    Imagine you meant to say that as sarcasm, since there is basically no skill involved, it is almost entirely RNG. If the RNG gods smile, you will get pawprints - if the RNG gods do not smile, you get nothing but a waste of time. The prizes for the Chests are okay - but the primary game focus...
  14. Need suggestions Finding a guild

    First suggestion - SLOW DOWN. Forge of Empires is not a game of speed. It is a game that takes time, a little bit of strategy and a LOT of patience. You race through the Ages like this, you will find yourself stuck, at a loss of Goods and Supplies/Coins to do your research and move forward...
  15. Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback

    My initial feedback for this Event is POOR. 9 tickets, 22 pawprints, 2 boards with ZERO pawprints displayed. Zero for fun 1 for inventiveness If it were not for a decent Event Building (which I have been told based on my average of 2.5 prints a Board, which should be more around 5 per Board), I...