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Recent content by King Dae-El

  1. Archeology Event 2022 questions and non feedback comments.

  2. 10th Anniversary questions and non feedback comments.

    Next event is set to Monday, May 2nd... according the Surprise box.
  3. Duplicate: Change game world

    It has been announced that it'll be fixed in the next update for mobile devices.
  4. Update Update to 1.226 Feedback

    The Castle gives one expansion at level 16, 18 & 20. So the Castle does give you expansions... some time in the future.
  5. New Bug: The quest New Frontiers is blocked.

    You had to infiltrate 3 sectors of the province south of Las Penas. That province is marked in red on your map, which means that you haven't conquered that province as you stated in your first post.
  6. 10th Anniversary questions and non feedback comments.

    It usually takes a day or two after event start. Be patient, it'll come...
  7. Communication or lack there of!

    I have ran into quite a few players, who was non english speaking or at max very poor at english. That could also be a reason for not replying.
  8. Can't find rewards

    I think he means yields from city buildings. He can't see the stars...
  9. General conversation

    Random thoughts... How much does your city look like the outskirts of Westview at Halloween? With almost stillstanding residents doing nonstop repetitive tasks...
  10. Android: Cannot connect to world via ISP but works with wifi

    Have you granted access for phone-data use for apps when without wifi signal? That seems to be the usual problem when FoE app users can't get access.
  11. Ancient Egypt Mission

    Nubian archers and nothing else...why bother with other units when the nubians can get the job done.
  12. How do I cancel a boost?

    Time is a commodity in FoE. They'll trade you for it...but it'll cost you.
  13. Closed March Forum Contest

  14. New Bug: loading game

    Spori, since you are the only one to complain about loading time...it suggests that the problem is your connection or device. That is not a thing that InnoGames can do anything about. If you use a browser, try to clear the cache...if you haven't already tried that. If you use the App, try and...
  15. founder-less guild

    No one with founder rights can be kicked from a guild. Another founder must first demote the unwanted founder before he/she can be removed from the guild.