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Recent content by notaclueboi

  1. Update Update to 1.213 Feedback

    I like the icon design but agree they might be little too small
  2. FP Collecting

    "you will face the 100 fp limit " I never understood that limit either, other than milking diamonds While the 5 is not a lot, for me personally it has the opposite effect, where once I get the feeling of being milked for every last cent, I tend to spend less on everything else out of spite...
  3. Stop changing the amount when contributing to GB's

    When a player clicks into the add Fp's field could there be an auto-lock thingy for 2 seconds that self clears after Fp's added?
  4. Update 1.214 Feedback

    I am unable to access Icon shortcuts to my Gb, Tavern or messages. Doesn't work neither on Firefox or Edge, desktop pc