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Recent content by nice2haveu

  1. nice2haveu

    Is this a bug?

    These kind of problems can always happen and missed in beta also due to having less mobile beta users for the game. Myself believing like 95% testers of PC users are in beta. It's a bug and level 8 popup will cut off in the mobile screen(cannot see completely). No one cared for it when requested...
  2. nice2haveu

    Update Update to 1.211 Feedback

    Awesome!!! Awesome!!! But what myself personally felt was one of the forum member may joined into the Development team of FOE. Why felt that way because, long waited forwarded ideas are one by one getting the status 'Done'. Anyways not sure what happened, while reading few updates and getting...
  3. nice2haveu

    Market Fair trade offer creation limit?

    Thanks. My bad luck. Not aware of 1000goods trade offer limit from playing these many years. This was the first time attempted to create the trade for obtaining 2000goods due to laziness and had a nice whip from the game :D.
  4. nice2haveu

    Market Fair trade offer creation limit?

    Actually making the market trade offer from Arctic Future and needed goods from Future era. But while creating the fair trade offer, it is not giving the count properly. For example, Creating a offer like, Fair Trade - selected(ticked) Your Offer: Nanowire-------------------1000 goods (Arctic...
  5. nice2haveu

    Do Not Suggest: Achievement give rewards

    Not only knight, all the forum moderators. Cannot escape from it. Only we can try to make them listen, we cannot even convince them since they are pretty much sure from their understanding what is correct and wrong. Our brain will agree with that but our mind wants to argue with them. What to...
  6. nice2haveu

    Do Not Suggest: Achievement give rewards

    Nice to have.
  7. nice2haveu

    Already Suggested: Army management screen design adjustment

    Proposal: Army management screen design enhancement with few changes (please see screenshots for more understanding) Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? Not been suggested already with the...
  8. nice2haveu

    Anyone else think that taverns need a rework?

    rework- no, but have my support for extending the friends tavern. 1) Good Production Count 15min - 1500 silver - yields extra 5goods from within the time. 30min - 2500 silver - yields extra 10 goods from within the time. 1hour - 4000 silver -yields extra 15 goods from within the time. 2) GBG...
  9. nice2haveu

    Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback

    curiosity kills the cat !! IMHO, it will be the colorful event of FOE, though it is having strategy to make us suffer.
  10. nice2haveu

    Why do you play Forge of Empires?

    It is not challenging. It is not interesting. It is not entertaining. -- it just keeps my time getting occupied when nothing else to do in that time. This reason makes me play this game more than 4 years continuously. Very weird but it happened somehow.
  11. nice2haveu

    AD Reach the Needed Castle system

    It is related to advanced AD feature with new building setup in the city. It should be part of beta server only. No idea, how it is happening in live. My only guess is, people who uses the beta server and other server linked with same email may get this issue.
  12. nice2haveu

    Confirmed: Message Center

    Android mobile game version 1204.16, able to get the edit option without leaving the thread. Please check once.
  13. nice2haveu

    Update Update to 1.205 Feedback

    From the mobile app version 1204.16, able to get the edit option for myself without leaving the thread. Please check once which version you are using. If it is same, have no idea.
  14. nice2haveu

    New Bug: Royal Marble Gateway

    With your image suggestion, it actually solves the problem of not showing attack boost on RMG or CMS. IMO, it can be considered/confirmed as bug on the basis of consistency or not showing important information of the building with respect to mobile.
  15. nice2haveu

    New Bug: Royal Marble Gateway

    Yes. For "checkmate square" also it behaves the same. It doesn't show the attack boost. Only catch point is, by using coin rush items time can be reduced on it. Example, 1hr coins rush or 8hr coins rush affect these buildings production timers. Other buildings which you see attack boost, cannot...