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Recent content by Nairpic81

  1. Nairpic81

    Closed April Forum Contest - Word Find

    Alcatraz Atomium Capitol Colosseum Observatory
  2. Nairpic81

    Spoiler Upcoming significant nerf ro Recurring Quests

    I started this game about 14 months ago and, since then, not a single day has passed without playing it. Numerous changes have been implemented and I welcomed them or, in the worst case, they did not bother me. But now it's different. The biggest problem with the change discussed in this thread...
  3. Nairpic81

    Crossword Puzzle!

  4. Nairpic81

    I am the 0.0001%, ask me anything....

    I got 85 consecutive rolls with no DS. All with Ultimate Coach activated. :D
  5. Nairpic81

    Internal error when contributing to GBs

    If you enter a value in the FPs contribution box and then delete the value, the contribute button remains active and by pressing it you get "Internal error". This happens on Android mobile.
  6. Nairpic81

    Reconstruction tool

    Be careful with building sets (Celtic Forest, Indian Fountain, etc.). When you move them, you have to assemble them back exactly like they were before, or their timer will reset.
  7. Nairpic81

    in game vocabulary

    DS - Daily Special, RQ - Recurring Quest, NAP (GBG and GvG) - Non Aggression Pact
  8. Nairpic81

    HMA buffs for military units

    Hi, Nguyen! 1. In order to scout further, you need to conquer provinces. 2. Berserkers are not the units to fight against GSW. Heavy infantry are. 3. As for buffs, there are no written rules, but Zeus, Aachen and CdM to level 10 are rather mandatory and they will not cost you an arm and a leg...
  9. Nairpic81

    Forge Bowl 2021 questions and non feedback comments

    I took 76 shots in a row with Ultimate Coach activated. Guess what? No DS. The chances of that happening: 0.014%. This is utterly disturbing.
  10. Nairpic81

    Update to 1.191 Feedback

    Yep. Same problem here.
  11. Nairpic81

    Spot the Difference!

    Here you go! I hope it's clear.