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Recent content by Matt999

  1. New Idea: Store forge points

    Getting an Arc to level 80+ and being on a couple of busy 1.9 threads essentially gives you this already :)
  2. The best Age / Era to stay in ?

  3. The best Age / Era to stay in ?

    It comes into a different quest slot. From the guide: Then, push the cMap to FE, negotiating the first province (Agadar). Be sure to skip the CE and TE sectors marked in Part 4 of this guide. You can also do this before reaching "Your Choice: Truth or Dare" in the PME story questline. Next...
  4. The best Age / Era to stay in ?

    If you've got to that quest then you've gone too far on the PME storyline. The only way to proceed is to go into PME. You need to have stopped the story two quests earlier. From the guide: However, be careful to absolutely under no circumstances complete or abort the quest "Your Choice: Truth...
  5. diamond farm

    Also GBG is a decent way to get some diamonds. Ok it's under 1% (1.9% of 48% when fighting in top) chance of 25, but do enough fights and you'll get a few x 25 per season. And Fountain of Youth - which comes up quite a lot when you do GE4.
  6. Expansion Square's

    You get expansions from: Research tree normally has a couple per era (restricted to the era you're in) Continent map normally has some per era (you can go ahead as far as you're able to on the map) Medal expansions (you can get them all in any era if you get enough medals) Diamond expansions (a...
  7. Stop changing the amount when contributing to GB's

    It doesn't need to check for spots, or have people declare spots - just that the remaining FPs (or rowversion) hasn't changed in the (generally) small time window between the UI displaying and the server-side code actually performing the update. I don't think Inno needs to (or should) "support"...
  8. Stop changing the amount when contributing to GB's

    It doesn't need any extra UI option, literally just within the context of the update transaction, you check either that a rowversion/timestamp hasn't been incremented (generally built-in), or you check that the remaining quantity hasn't changed (i.e. round-trip it). It is very standard "unit of...
  9. Stop changing the amount when contributing to GB's

    You absolutely can code this - it is trivial and done all the time. It would be an update based on a rowversion (or similar) passed back in, and if 0 rows affected, then there has been another update and you show the message. If it wasn't possible from a software development perspective, then...
  10. Antiques Dealer revamp

    You can diamond refresh the 6 items. But definitely 2 hours for the auction is a long time, I agree.
  11. Stop changing the amount when contributing to GB's

    That's probably a more fitting analogy, or a lottery. Anything likened to buying gifts/goods/services heavily supports OP's suggestion as being useful. For me, it's not a great user experience to show me a UI where I make a decision based on what's there, and get something different as an...
  12. Stop changing the amount when contributing to GB's

    Yet you still end up paying something else for something else without wanting it.
  13. Stop changing the amount when contributing to GB's

    and it sends you a different gift than the one you thought you were getting.
  14. Stop changing the amount when contributing to GB's

    Not when it's somebody outside the thread who takes the spot before you.
  15. Arc

    It is the reward x 1.9. The number 1.9 is arrived at because that's the return a level 80 arc gives you (rewards increased by 90%). Some have 1.8 threads instead, so it will be a 1.8 multiple instead. In other words, if you have a level 80 arc, you break even on the fp, and get the prints and...