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  1. New Idea: Renovation Kits

    I think Renovation Kits should be changed to allow you to choose the age (up to yours) that you want the building to be set at most high lvl players have far more goods/troops than they can use lets downgrade buildings to provide lower age goods that guild can use
  2. Event Summer Event 2018

    This event is fun and i like the ship but its no good at low lvl, can we have ship upgrade kits added to the wheel and not just the lvl 1 ship in the kits
  3. Other Game Balance for PC. and Mobile users

    At the moment mobile users have an advantage when adding forge points to a great building they can rapid tap the add 10fp button then they all add in 1 go PC. users have to wait while every 10fp pack saves, giving the mobile user time to jump the PC player and take place ahead of them and cost...