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Recent content by Mandelynn

  1. Independent 1.9?

    Finally found a few of them. Beware 1.9s that have nutcases for owners. lol Ran into two of those. eeks.
  2. Do our neighbours change?

    Usually, neighbors hinder not help. Try adding better friends to your friends list. (fl), Those are the ones that are supposed to help you in the game.
  3. Independent 1.9?

    Looking for a good fast independent 1.9 in Mt Killmore. Please no soliciting for a guild. I'm not leaving mine. Thanks
  4. New Content [Feedback] Guild Expedition Changes

    Keep in mind you need 3 or more players to be competitive with other guilds so a one person member can only play GE levels but not compete with other guilds in there. Unless you ask them directly, you have no way of knowing if they open up all levels in GE or even play at all.
  5. New Content [Feedback] Guild Expedition Changes

    That would be me ^. I'm a single member in my own guild trying to up it's levels by completing GE4 and some gbg but gbg is very costly after 15-20 battles and competing against high level guild members of more then 20 in their guilds. GE at least I can do or used to be able to do. My guild may...
  6. New Content [Feedback] Guild Expedition Changes

    Well, you know, for the younger guilds, it's not right to do it this way either. The older guilds got the benefit of GE4 (and 3) the way it was for years and years growing level wise. New guilds will now have harder time establishing themselves. Its hard enough to get GE players in new guilds as...
  7. New Content [Feedback] Guild Expedition Changes

    For those in the younger ages with CoA, CdM, Zeus at or under lv 20, if you've noticed, ;last 4 steps in lv 3 is harder now. Inno didn't mention anything about 3 but try it for yourself.
  8. Free Market Company guild

    With the exception of level 1 in GE and OBS or higher, there are no other rules. Free Market Company is a hands off guild.
  9. Daily quests getting longer?

    For a while, really not sure. I have 8 worlds. Probably at least 3 years but some only in progressive by choice. Been concentrating non leveling up my Traz and CoA, CdM. Got plenty of Rogues. it gets me though to lv 3 GE and 4 encounters of GE4 but after that, I need to negotiate. FoE has been...
  10. when is the next event going to held?

    I'm with you on that Cursed. lol I shouldn't have done the soccer event but did. What a waste of my time. The summer event however, is usually worth it prize wise so I do hope they take their time before starting it. Maybe like, winter. lol
  11. Daily quests getting longer?

    Everything is getting harder. For 2 months now I've been having trouble in GE 3 and 4. Well FoE announced yesterday GE 4 is going to get harder. I barely make lv 3 and negotiate in 4 to finish it. Now, I'm not sure I'll be able to do it. I'm not at all surprised FoE is making the daily harder...
  12. Free Market Company guild

    Free Market Company, a new guild Lv 23 (soon to be lv 24) is looking for members who have OBS or higher and can complete GE Lv 1. I could sure use some help in there. Look up the profile. No other nagging rules. Contact me if you want to help grow this guild.
  13. Event Halloween Event 2019

    I run 8 worlds. None received all 8 books. Most found 7. One missing 3. I won't pay to play. Oh, not one web left I couldn't see through. Not overly impressed with this one. If it wasn't for the avatars, I wouldn't have played.
  14. Event Fall Event 2018

    If the event wants you to fight so many encounters in GE and if you have completed it already, does it automatically count as done? If it does, do you have to complete lv 3 or 4 for it to count?
  15. Naming Your Ship (Summer Event 2018)

    ^5s to that. That would have been such a great feature.