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Recent content by Madmire

  1. Cultural Settlement - Mughal Empire - Feedback

    The first 6 days or so are certainly a snoozefest. 5.4 days to get enough goods for a Chhatri, then another half day to get enough sarees to buy some expansions to actually make use of it.
  2. Cultural Settlement - Mughal Empire - Feedback

    I've always been kind of curious over this type of complaint, but its based on an assumption that all the att/def bonus obsession is driven by a desire to do more battles in GbG. But the only thing GbG gives is FP, goods and diamonds. So instead of asking that all event buildings, settlement...
  3. Event Hub Feedback

    I too would prefer for this to be either scrapped and give us back a useful milestone reward, or unchain it from the milestone rewards and keep as an overlarge and mostly non-functional landscape icon. Third option would be to make the buffs permanent. These weak, short-lived buffs are...
  4. Feedback on Mobile Hud changes

    My wife, who plays on a smartphone, is so upset about the new tiny menu icons she's threatening to rage quit.
  5. Update to 1.204 - Feedback

    I've noticed for some time now that the more battles I do, the slower the game gets. after 100+ battles its slow enough that the wolf howl from my House of Wolf will begin to break up. The only fix I've found is to reboot my computer, which restores the game speed.
  6. Update to 1.99 Feedback

    Other than the actual intentional latency added to the RQ abort buttons, its the 'why' that annoys me the most. Given the raging dumpster fire of a hot mess that is resource farming in GbG, I can't imagine any RQ abuse even remotely competing on an economic scale. If its about the utterly...
  7. Update to 1.99 Feedback

    I'd probably lose count after 10 or 11 myself :)
  8. Update to 1.99 Feedback

    I would put it at no more than an additional half second, just a smidge of a delay, enough to make you notice, and wonder why the game is so slow in responding to your command. Its truly bad design if done intentionally, as it makes you think the program is badly written. Certainly if there...
  9. Update to 1.99 Feedback

    The abort speed nerf is extremely annoying. Its not really a big delay, but its enough to really irritate a live player sitting there clicking that button while his/her brain screams how laggy the game is.
  10. Spoiler St. Patrick's Day 2021

    You forgot to multiply that 25FP by the 40% chance of it occuring. The average yield for the druid temple would be 25x.4 = 10 FP, for a 20 square structure, right in line with the current .5fp per square Inno seems to be going with in a lot of buildings.
  11. Aztec settlement graphics load extremely slowly

    Upon starting a game session on a world, when I first switch to Aztec settlement it can take 30~60 seconds for the building and impediment graphics to load. The 'ready to harvest' flags and the market are shown. This does not occur with any other settlements.
  12. Bigger buttons

    While I doubt its an external revenue thing I suspect total number of clicks has some internal benefit to the design team, perhaps in dealing with other Inno games for resource division? I think if there wasn't some beneficial metric to insane mouse clicks Inno would have fixed the SC problem...
  13. Cultural Settlements - Aztecs Feedback

    Typical Viking strategy is to only buy expansions with no impediments. I found a less than ideally placed expansion with no impediment was superior to a better located expansion with an impediment sticking out of the middle of it. There are 7 expansions with no impediment, and 5 expansions...
  14. Cultural Settlements - Aztecs Feedback

    Finished my first Aztecs and starting my second. Aztecs feels like Vikings with new artwork, overpriced expansions with permanent impediments (something you could avoid in Vikings), and a minigame about 1/3rd as functionally useful as the Japan minigame. Between the overpriced epansions with...
  15. Continental Map shananigans

    That's correct. This is the Tomorrow map, and progression goes from the PVP province (the island on the right) to the Province shown in red. I'd taken this province and moved on, but some bug or glitch reverted two of the sectors to unconquered status, leaving a normally impossible situation...