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Recent content by Lugnut

  1. Closed March Forum Contest

  2. Reported Text Issues in Game

    On the Explore Mistletown Event Quest in the Winter Event 2021 the Hint doesn't match the task. Happy Holidays Everyone & hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!
  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  4. Reply Time

    Hello! Is this how to reply to you? I hope it works! Today I saw a neon orange sky - what did you see?
  5. Closed September Fall Contest

    I counted : 6 (six) Chocolate, 14 (fourteen) Cinnamon, 19 (nineteen) Apples, 9 (nine) Caramel, 17 (seventeen) Pumpkins
  6. Closed August Pirate Contest

    Scurvy Parlay
  7. Closed July Wildlife Contest

    One of the most breathtaking places on Earth that I must experience before I die is Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, Canada. The pictures and descriptions of the second biggest Atlantic National Park would pale in comparison to actually being there. It appears one could get lost in Gros...
  8. Closed May Flowers Forum Contest

    Loft House - Postmodern Era Loft House - Forge of Empires - Wiki EN Concert Hall - The Future Concert Hall - Forge of Empires - Wiki EN Altar of Aphrodite Altar of Aphrodite - Forge of Empires - Wiki EN Altar of Athena Altar of Athena - Forge of Empires - Wiki EN
  9. [GAME] Three Words Story

    to hungry puppies
  10. [GAME] Three Words Story

    with onion buns
  11. [GAME] Three Words Story

    wedged between their
  12. [GAME] Three Words Story

    smell of rancid
  13. Closed April Forum Contest - Word Find

    Does anyone have " This message is awaiting moderator approval, and is invisible to normal visitors. " above their post? Should I delete my answer & try again with no word list above my attachment?
  14. [GAME] Three Words Story

    optimistically stuffed kale
  15. Mods vs. Non-Mods