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    Replace building rewards with consumable items

    Well, you can use them for "Gain X happiness" or "Build X decorations" quests, so you can save coins/supplies you'd spend to complete those quests.
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    Guilds Must Have A Set Minimum Amount Of Active Members To Participate

    Open the guild you want to check. Players who haven't logged in for at least 24 hours have a red background.
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    First Nation/Native American Racism In-Game

    I've never thought about the game targeting a specific group of people and after considering what you had to say, I still don't. I'm in about the same boat as you progress-wise (just starting Industrial map). We've gone through 51 provinces filled with white people of various timelines, so I...
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    Fixed: [47758] Battleground Invisible hit range

    Not sure if this is known, but it seems that all artillery units are affected. I've checked with Field Guns (CA) and Mechanised Artillery (ME) and with each of them selected none of the enemy unit attack ranges showed (movement ranges are fine). Every other unit seems to work fine. Edit: I've...
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    Fixed: [47758] Battleground Invisible hit range

    Well, that's sad. Feels like they don't consider combat a major part of the game, if they let such a bug through. I guess that would please many.
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    Update Update to 1.122

    This. Please fix it asap. Makes fighting unbearable.
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    Not a Bug: Impossible Daily Challenge (win battle without PVP researched)

    Yeh, but you literally can not complete scouting (without spending diamonds), while it is possible to defeat higher age troops (sufficient boosts, rogues, etc). If you had no scouted sectors, though ... that'd probably count as a bug.
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    Gold is actually useful in many ways nowadays. Electronics, glassmaking, medicine to name a few. It is usually avoided because of it's high price; in most cases there are cheaper substitutes available. Ignoring it's monetary value ... it would probably still be among the more valuable metals...
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    New Content Auto Battle

    I love the adition. Instead of waiting for an easy fight to load so I can autoresolve it, I can skip one pointless step. It's not like it changes the game fundamentally if you waste less time fighting easy battles ...
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    Message Center

    -1 You already have Neighbourhood chat available via dropdown on top right (on browser at least). And the only group messages I keep getting are ones asking for FPs, so I don't think giving an option to send group messages easier would be helpful, but just give more tools to beggars.
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    Make a Sentence with 6 letter

    Private Ralf Our Only Furniture Zapped BUNNIE
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    Eviscerate Bunnies recruiting commanders interested in low age GvG

    Founded: 23. 10. 2017 We're a small, friendly, GvG oriented guild mostly aimed at lower age players, but anybody who wants to join is welcome. Also, someone with a sense of style would be nice, so that forum threads won't look so dull. Other than that, we're looking for players that want to...
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    Treasure Hunt Indicator

    From what I know, it was like that when it was introduced and changed because many people didn't want to do it at all and thus the green tick was annoying to them (5 min, 15 min and 1 hour collections are pretty useless). That said, unless they changed their minds, Inno is probably getting rid...
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    Forwarded: (Great Buildings) A balance

    Deal Castle and Saint Basil's Cathedral give attack/defense bonus to defending army.